Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Best Day of the Best Month of the Best Year

Rock Island, August 1975

I am a child of the 1970s.  I spent my formative years wearing bell bottoms, idolizing David Cassidy, and saying "Ten-four, good buddy."

My favorite year in that decade is 1975, when I was 14 years old (until November), old enough for all the fun, excitement, and freedom of adolescence, but too young for the depression, world-weariness, and angst.

My favorite month in 1975 is August.  We had just moved to a big house, bigger, with a double yard..  My brother and I had a room in the attic instead of the basement, and I had carved out a space in the storage room as a "study" where I could "read."

I had a crush on the girl next door's boyfriend.

I learned about oral sex in the church parking lot.

And I was poised to start at Rocky High, a mature, sophisticated, grown-up high school, where you could join the Swedish Club and take cool classes like Ancient History and Arthurian Legends!  I had that course catalog memorized!

My favorite day in August 1975 is Wednesday the 13th:  football tryouts.

The story continues here: The Naked Goldenboy at Football Tryouts

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