Monday, August 15, 2016

When Does Cuddling Just Mean Cuddling?

Plains, August 2016

Lots of Grindr profiles, especially from younger guys, specify that they want to "Cuddle."  I'm all for cuddling, especially at the end of the act, so I figured they meant "Cuddling afterwards...."

I had been trying to land this guy for nearly a year.  He was a theater major at the University, short, stocky, with black hair and dark brown eyes.  We chatted and chatted, discussing the minutiae of theatrical performances.  I even went to the execrable Titanic because he asked me to.

Seriously, who makes a musicals where everybody dies at the end? Musicals are supposed to be uplifting, not depressing.

But I couldn't seal the deal.  It was like trying to coax a skittish little squirrel to accept a nut.

Eventually I got busy with other things, and turned my attention to guys who didn't take quite so much coaxing, and didn't talk to him online for months.

Then I saw on Grindr that he was 1200 feet away.  He had moved to a new apartment about 3 blocks away.  I said "Now there's no excuse for not inviting me over for cuddling."

A few days later he took me up on it.  Out of nowhere:  "I'm tired, I had a long day, I want to cuddle."

Cuddle after?  Right, I'm there!

Down the street about five blocks away, to the third floor of an old house, where he lived with a roommate (who was away).  A bedroom containing a couch covered with clothes, a mattress on te floor, a small tv playing Family Guy on Netflix.  We got into our underwear,  And...cuddled.

And cuddled.

No matter what I touched, caressed, or kissed.

There's a problem with cuddling when it's a guy you've never touched before.  Strong, hard arousal.

I thought he said "Do you want to do me?"  and reached around to grab his penis.

He said "Sorry, I just want to cuddle."

"Oh, I must have misunderstood.  Didn't you just say 'do me'?"

"I said 'do you want to cuddle naked'"

"Sure," I said.  "And I'd like to make out, too."

We made out and cuddled until I couldn't take it any more.  I finished, found some kleenix in the bathroom to wipe off with, and returned to him.

For more cuddling.

After about an hour of cuddling, I went home.

He texted me the next day.

Great!  I thought -- he's into me!  I'll finally be able to go farther than "cuddling."

"Want to come over tonight for cuddling?"

"Sure," I responded. "As long as the cuddling happens after a long session of erotic intimacy involving your mouth and my penis and my mouth and your penis, plus several orgasms.  Can't get more explicit than that!

A long silence.  "Great.  I didn't know you were into more than cuddling.  You should have said something."

He didn't know that I was into having sex?

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