Saturday, September 10, 2016

What Testicles Are For

I'm a big fan of the penis.  Big or small, thin or thick, cut or uncut, it's undeniably the main event, an obvious barometer of his desire, the site of erotic stimulation, the place where he will feel his orgasm most intensely.

With all that going on, the testicles tend to get ignored, but they're even more important to the sexual act.  They produce testosterone, a hormone essential to sexual functioning as well as many of our favorite masculine characteristics -- muscle tone, voice, chest and facial hair.   And they produce the semen that signals his orgasm.

Like the penis, testicles come in various sizes and shapes. Sometimes the two balls are very clearly defined in the scrotum, sometimes not.  Sometimes one is bigger than the other.

Like the penis, the scrotum hardens, contracts, and presses up against the body during the sexual act.

And the testicles are even more sensitive than the penis.  You're not going to be able to do oral calisthenics on them, but they are responsive to a light stroking, licking, or pulling.

If you're having a three-way, try putting one guy to work on the penis and the other on the testicles.

If the penis is big enough, you can even have a four-way, with two guys working on it and one on the testicles.

Add a fifth to kiss the guy, and you have a party.

Or you can work on the penis and testicles by yourself.  That's why you have both hands and a mouth.

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