Friday, November 4, 2016

The Boy at the Urinal with the Kovbasa++++

Plains, November 2016

The restroom around the corner from my office is very small: two sinks, two urinals, then on the other side of a wall, another urinal and a stall.  Most guys choose the nearer urinals, but I always go to the back one, because there is more privacy.

So I assume if there's no one at the front urinals, the restroom is empty.

But one morning a couple of days after returning from Iceland, I rushed in, having to go badly, and as I rushed past the wall to the far urinal, I came face to face with the biggest penis I have ever seen.

Gigantic!  A Monster! Easily six inches soft, thick around, with a huge head.  

I was so surprised that I backed off immediately, without even seeing who it belonged to, except for a vague image: slim, medium height, dark shirt, light colored backpack.

I rushed to one of the front urinals, unzipped, and started urinating, planning to turn around when I was finished and see Monster Cock as he washed his hands.    I had to know who belonged to such an enormous Kovbasa++++++. What did he look like?  Who did he hang out with?  Was he gay or straight, or his own thing, Priapus, the God of the Penis?

But...Monster Cock bypassed the sink and walked right out the door before I had a chance to look over!

I struggled to finish and zip up, and rushed out of the restroom after him.  Five seconds had passed -- he couldn't have gotten far.

No one walking away to the left.  No one but a girl to the right.  No offices for him to duck into.  Where could he have gone?

There's a lecture hall door next to the restroom.  It leads to a stage that the faculty use, so students don't usually go in that way.  But...maybe Monster Cock did? Maybe he was a professor?

I ducked in and looked.  A class was about to start.  The professor, a woman, was turning on a Powerpoint slideshow.

He wouldn't have gone through the stage door to get to a back row -- he must be in the front.

Everyone in the first three rows was already sitting down except for one guy, still taking his laptop out of his backpack.  Not slim, actually tall and a little chunky, with a round face, dark button-down shirt, jeans.  Not especially striking, but....he must be Monster Cock!

The professor stared at me quizzically.  I had to duck out.

A check of the class schedule: It was Introduction to Psychology, a 100-level course with 120 students enrolled.  I'd never find him in the huge online course roster.  Would I?

I did!  I got his name: Brandon M___.

Next I looked on Facebook -- he was there, a friend of Todd, the nephew of my First Time, who I hooked up with last month.

Otherwise his profile was not promising.  First year student from a small town about 20 miles away.  Nondescript  interests, nondescript photos of him and his mom, dad, and brothers.  Fishing, standing in front of a car, winning some kind of prize in grade school, going to something called a Geode Fest in Nauvoo, Illinois.

Only one shirtless pic: him and a friend with girls on either side of them (he's the one on the left, not the cute one).  Must be straight.

But -- what the heck, I had already done a lot of research.  It wouldn't hurt to send Monster Cock a friend request.

To my surprise, he responded within an hour:  "Hi!  I've seen you around campus.  How do you know Todd?"

We discussed Todd briefly -- they weren't actually friends -- then my classes and Monster Cock's major.  He had declared nursing, but he might switch to psychology, or maybe geology.

"My friend Yuri is a geologist!" I told him. (Ok, atmospheric scientist, close.)  "I just got back from Iceland, where we went on a geologic expedition together." (Ok, we looked at the aurora borealis, close.)

"Wow, did you find any Heulandite?  It's very rare, mostly found in eastern Iceland, but I bought a specimen at the Dakota Rock Shop in the Black Hills."

 Maybe I should fix him up with Yuri.  "No, no Heulandit, but I'd love to take a look at your sample."

Your sample!  Nudge nudge, wink wink.

The next night we met at the gay-friendly coffee house to discuss Heulandite and Icelandic geology.  The conversation wasn't terribly interesting, but I was determined to see Monster Cock naked, and I have thirty years of experience in some of the biggest cruising capitals of the world.

I gave him my best stuff, teasing and withdrawing, accidentally showing him shirtless photos amid the photos of Iceland on my phone, posing my knee so he was sure to accidentally brush against it, throwing just the right amount of flattery, hiding tantalizing hints amid the mundane details of a sentence, flashing a sultry gaze so briefly that he thought he was imagining it.

The poor kid didn't have a chance.  He kept getting aroused, hiding it, softening, then getting aroused again.  By the time we finished our Ethiopian coffees and blueberry scones, he was all but begging me to take him up the hill to see my Gay Pride Geode, and whatever else I wanted to show him.

The moment we got into the apartment, Monster Cock grabbed and kissed me, tore off my sweater and felt down my pants.  I began groping his...


His small penis...

I didn't have time to think about it.  In an instant, we were in the bedroom, and Monster Cock was on top of me, kissing, licking, and  fondling everything he could reach, then going down on me with lighting-fast strokes.

I turned him over onto his back and entered between his legs while we were kissing.  The pressure of my penis against him made him finish almost immediately.  Then I mounted his mouth.  He gagged a little, but managed to take it all.

When I finished, we collapsed onto the bed.

"Whoa, that was intense!" Monster Cock exclaimed.

We both covered with sweat and other fluids.  I got a wet washcloth to wipe off with, and finally managed to get a good fondle of his penis.

Average size at best.

"Ready for more?" Brandon M___ asked.

"I'm always ready for more."  I scooted between his legs and went down on him.  He started to harden immediately.

Ok, he wasn't the Monster Cock from the urinal, but what's the difference?

A penis is a penis, no matter how small.

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