Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Classroom Bulges

Plains, February 2017

I don't stand behind a podium during my lectures; During an hour-long class session in a giant lecture hall, I can walk more than 2 miles.

Glancing down to ask students questions or see if they're paying attention, I see lots of bulges and tents, some crotch grabs, and occasional hands shoved into pockets to squeeze their junk.

What do you expect when you cram 50 testosterone-filled young men into stadium seats?

The guys wearing shorts, especially athletic shorts, are most prone to tenting.  Something about the silk texture and the friction.

A husky blond in intro class wears very tight shorts and spreads his legs to make his bulge even more dramatic.  He must have at least a Mortadella+, and he wants everyone to know it.

A shy science nerd in my advanced class, who coincidentally has signed up for every class I teach, grabs his penis through his pants every time I walk past.  Bratwurst.

I can't help it if he finds me attractive.

When you call on someone, the sudden rush of nervousness and anticipation will often cause an erection.  Try it for yourself.

A very tall black guy in the other intro class shoves his hand all the way into his pants and squeezes around down there.  Blatantly.  He doesn't care who notices.  He's huge -- must be a Kovbasa++++.

You can also see a lot of bulges and tents when the class is dismissed, and they stand up, pull out their cell phones, and file out of the classroom, texting furiously.  I wonder what they're discussing...

My only regret is that there's no way to tell for sure what they're packing.

Unless I happen to see them in the locker room at the gym, or they ask me out on a date (after the class is over, of course).

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  1. Hi, may I use this post to ask a question. What scruples should a college prof have about hooking up with a student? I had a chat on grindr recently with a young student who wanted to hook up. I was turned on but not enough to overcome the baggage of my own scruples. I need to find out what he studies so there's no risk he'd end up in my class but, otherwise, dare I be "adventurous" as he put it next time we chat?

    1. My rules are, no one who is currently in my class, and no majors in my discipline. Other than that, I don't have any problems, but I teach at a large university where word doesn't get around so much. If you're at a small college, there might be problems.

  2. Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

  3. Once a student dropped my class in the second week because he'd seen my profile on Grindr and wanted to hook up.