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Rick the Hard Master Tops Scott Baio

Silverlake, March 2009

I'm back in California for spring break.  Will the Bondage boy has invited me to dinner to meet his boyfriend, Rick the Hard Master.

Most people have sex to express affection or erotic interest, or as a form of recreation.  Will the Bondage Boy has sex for those reasons, but to him kissing, cuddling, anal, oral, and interfemoral are  just "fooling around."  "Real sex" is about challenging yourself, testing your limits, seeing how much you can endure.

It is about pleasure, pain, humiliation, fear, rage, disgust, hopelessness, and courage.

It is about personal transformation.

There are a lot of bondage tops in West Hollywood and Silverlake, but not many "hard masters," guys willing to top you through elaborate scenarios, push your limits, give you the "punishment you need." Will knew Hard Master Rick for years, and bottomed for him a few times, but they only began dating three months ago.

I'm a little disappointed: I expect Will to serve dinner naked except for a slave collar, while Rick the Hard Master barks orders.

Instead, they behave like any other couple, cooperating to get dinner on the table, calling each other "honey," making jokes, telling us how they first met.  They are dressed in regular jeans and t-shirts.  You'd never even know that they are into S&M.

Rick is in his fifties, bald, with a long face and a full beard.  He has a bodybuilder's physique with especially nice biceps, a hairy chest and belly, and surprisingly, a rather small penis. But I suppose that, being a Hard Master, the size of his package is irrelevant.

Lane, Marshall, Randall the Muscle Bear, and three guys I don't know are there.  We have the usual dinner conversations about dates from hell, gigantic penises, and celebrity hookups. I tell about my hookup with Nate Richert.  Will tells about Keanu Reeves.

"You should ask Rick about some of his clients," he says. "It will blow your mind."

Turns out that, in addition to topping guys for pleasure, Rick has a little hustling business on the side -- there are so few Hard Masters out there that some guys have to pay for it.  There are a lot of celebrities on his client list, but "doctor-patient confidentiality" prohibits him from revealing their names.

"Come on, you can tell them one..." Will pleads.  "How about the Bottom from Hell?"

"Scott Baio!"  Rick exclaims.  "I've been trying my best to forget that one!"

Silverlake, November 2002

Rick got most of his clients from word of mouth, but occasionally he ran a personal ad.  "Sam" answered his ad in Frontiers: 40 years old, buffed, married, bisexual but not out, with a high-profile job, so he needed "absolute discretion."  But when they met at Elysian Park for the initial interview, Rick recognized him immediately as Scott Baio.

He didn't look much like the cute teen idol who starred in Happy Days and Charles in Charge.  His face was craggy, starting to wrinkle, but he still had a tight, smooth physique and an impressive uncut Bratwurst beneath the belt.

"Hard Masters don't use safe words," Rick told him.  "We push your limits.  But it would be helpful to understand what kind of scene you're looking for -- are you more into pain or humiliation, into role playing, into water sports, mummification?"

"I've done this before, so I know what to expect," Scott said.  "I'm up for about anything, except no marks and no kissing.  I'll go down on you, but I reserve kissing for the ladies.  And no photos, please."

Rick nodded.

They arranged for the scene the following Thursday afternoon.  Rick answered the door in full bondage gear and ordered Scott to strip.  He then blindfolded him, tied his hands behind his back, and led him to the basement dungeon, where he tied him to a St. Andrew's cross.

He took off the blindfold and showed Scott his collection of BDSM gear: whips, paddles, black clothespins, dildos, a violet wand.

Scott went pale and said "You know what?  This isn't working.  I changed my mind.  I don't want to do it anymore.  You'll still get paid, of course."

Rick hesitated.  Was this part of the game? Scott said he had done this before, but...

He decided to go forward anyway.  He began whipping Scott on the chest, very lightly.

"No, that's too much!" Scott yelled.  "I can't take it!"

Rick stopped and began to untie him.

"What are you doing?  I was just starting to get into it!"

"Ok, I see we're going to need a safe word," Rick said, frowning.  "Yours is 'melon.'"

He whipped Scott, put clothespins on him, and inserted a dildo into his butt.  At each move, Scott would complain and scream "It's too much!  I can't take it!  End the scene -- I'm not kidding!"

He never used the safe word, but still, Rick found it very distracting.  Bottoms weren't supposed to speak at all, and you never beg to end the scene unless you are serious.

So Rick put an open gag on Scott, so he couldn't speak but things could still be inserted into his mouth.  But Scott kept up a constant stream of moaning and yelling, which was still distracting.

Finally he gave up.  He got out his camera and photographed Scott.  "I'm making three copies.  One for your wife, one for your director at the studio, and the third for The National Enquirer."

Scott squealed and protested through his gag.  Rick shoved his tongue through the hole and forced Scott to masturbate while kissing him.  Then he untied him, let him shower, and collected his fee.

Of course, he didn't really send the photos anywhere.  But he was so annoyed by the squealing, uncooperative Bottom from Hell that he was tempted to.

Was Rick Telling the Truth?

Scott Baio has been the subject of many gay rumors, including hints of an interest in S&M.  Other people have mentioned the "no kissing" rule.

He was 42 years old in 2002, newly married, and working on various movie and tv projects.  And the photo Rick showed us looks like Scott.

But the bottom never said that he was Scott Baio.  Rick just assumed, based on the resemblance.  It's possible that it was someone else.

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