Saturday, May 1, 2021

Eric Hooks Up with the Rifleman and His Son


This is the second Chuck Connors-Johnny Crawford hookup story I heard when I was living in West Hollywood.  I don't remember who told it.  Probably one of Will the Bondage Boy's friends:

Hollywood, Fall 1975

One morning Johnny Crawford called his  Rifleman co-star, Chuck Connors.

"I found a guy for you," he said.

Instead of "What's he look like" or "Are you sure he's gay," Chuck immediately asked "Does he like Greek?"

Johnny expected it.  He had known for years that Chuck Connors was Greek active, an anal top.  Even when he was a kid growing up in Brooklyn in the 1930s, Chuck was a sucker for a shapely derriere -- his first time, in fact, was when he was an altar boy, 13 years old but already hung and horny, already a top.  (The bottom was his parish priest.)

Men or women, either were fine.  With men, Chuck liked them masculine, muscular, dark-haired, cowboy sidekicks.  No femmes, no fairies, and especially no "Gay is Good" liberationists.  Keep it in the bedroom where it belonged.

Back in the 1960s, he used to cruise Sunset Boulevard looking for hustlers to bring back and "share" with his second wife Kamala, but since gay liberation took off, the hustler population had declined.  He was too famous, and besides, he claimed that the nightclubs were full of hippie chicks and gay liberationist boys who thought getting plowed was degrading.  So he had some friends scope out the studios, looking for cute young things and ingenues who might like to get plowed by the Rifleman.

Like Johnny Crawford, 29 years old, his teen idol days long gone, trying to make it as a serious actor, but he mostly getting offers to play cowboys. Johnny was bisexual, but he and Chuck had never tricked together.  It would be creepy, like a father and son.  Besides, Johnny was into the young, slim, androgynous hippie sort, and Chuck Connors had never been androgynous.  Or a hippie.

"I'm filming The Great Texas Dynamite Chase (1976), about a couple of hot chicks who rob a bank and go on the lam," Johnny told Chuck. "I play a cowboy they pick up on the road.  The three of us stop at a fancy hotel and have a bisexual orgy with this hot bellhop."

The bellhop was played by Eric Boles, a 25-year old celebrity kid (his dad was also in the movie): short, black hair, handsome movie star face, cute but a little too masculine to be Johnny's type.

"But that's not the best part," Johnny continued.  "In the first scene, a naked girl walks across the set to seduce him, and he wasn't at all interested.  No interest.  Nothing.  And in the orgy scene, he wasn't looking at the girls at all -- he was trying to get a peek at me."

"Nice, but that doesn't answer my question," Chuck said.  "Does he like Greek? Remember, I'm well hung, and I like to take my time."

Johnny knew that, too.  20 minutes for his first screw of the night, 30-40 for his second, and so on.    At the staunchly middle age of 54, Chuck had slowed down a bit, but he could still go on for half an hour.

"I didn't ask if he liked Greek especially, but he's definitely into dudes, and he definitely had a crush on you when he was a kid."

"Ok, we'll see.  Bring him around."

"I already asked.  There's the problem -- he only wants to come around if we're both there."

Chuck paused on the telephone for a long time.  Then:  "Are you up for that?"

"I wouldn't mind us both working on him, as long as, you know, you and I don't kiss or anything."

The next Saturday afternoon, Johnny and Eric drove up to Chuck Connor's house in the Hollywood Hills.  After a few beers and a discussion of the stars Chuck had topped -- Bobby Sherman, Jay North, Jack Wild -- they went into the "playroom" and got undressed.  Chuck fondled Eric's butt while he knelt to go down on Johnny.

Johnny had heard a lot about Chuck's gigantic cock, but never saw it in person -- impressive, at least 7", long and thick, and getting longer every second as he manipulated it.  Eric obligingly reached over and began going down on him while beating off.

"Ready to get screwed, boy?" Chuck asked.

Eric looked up, startled.  "Um...could Johnny screw me first?  A smaller one, to sort of warm me up?"

"I'm not that small!" Johnny protested.  He had a good 6.5" But he obliged, pushing Eric onto his back so he could look and him and kiss him while they screwed.  Eric didn't protest as Johnny slid his legs farther and farther back behind his head.  Chuck entered his mouth for awhile, but then he pushed him away: "Too big, I can't breathe," he murmured, beating off.  He spurted a few seconds before Johnny's orgasm. 

Johnny went into the bathroom to wash off.  When he returned, Eric and Chuck were getting dressed.

"That was fast!" he exclaimed.

"Your boy said he was too sore for me," Chuck said with a grimace.  "We'll do it another day.  Maybe."  The maybe came out in a growl.

On the way home, Erik said "I hope I wasn't rude.  It was great meeting Mr. Connors, but I wasn't into screwing with him.  He's way too old.  I think he's older than my Dad!"

"Then why did you agree..."  Johnny began.

"I figured it was the only way I could get naked with you."

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  1. Boomer, I know you do not care for the "H" word but I am of an older generation and the definition of the "G" word meant "happy and lighthearted", something I have never felt personally. I prefer the "H" word and do not find it objectionable. Johnny Crawford was my first TV personality crush and I knew then I was "H".

  2. Having been topped by Chuck Conners I honestly feel Jay North has been confirmed as gay.



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