Sunday, April 7, 2024

Men with Tree Trunk Penises

I know it's just a trick of perspective, but I love the photos where the guy's aroused penis stands as tall as a tree trunk,  taking up half the frame.

And his balls look bigger than his head.

Not too many older guys post them.  Maybe only twinks have the technical expertise.  Or penises that can stand straight up.

It looks like it's standing next to him.  I expect him to put his arm around it and say "Have you met my little buddy?"

It wasn't the best idea to use a soda can to demonstrate his length -- they're only about 5" high.  Now, if he was thicker than a soda can....

More after the break.

The tree trunk is starting to lean, but the balls make up for it.

He's rather proud of himself.

No fair using your hand to keep it tree-trunk like.

How can he drive that way?

Not exactly the sexiest of expressions, but you can't argue with the results.

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  1. The dick pic generation.

  2. I’d suck every single one.

    1. Your jaw gets tired very quickly when you are with a very large guy.

    2. That's true -but some sacrifices are worth making!

  3. My gosh these are some beautiful tasty looking cocks! The first guy, the soda can one, and the red head are very cute!



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