Top 10 Stories
1.  I get a glimpse of Cousin Joe's "shame"
2. Nick rescues me from the Face of Pure Evil
3. Bill and I find "A Little Bit O'Heaven"
4. The naked man in the peat bog
5. The Sanderson Boys get naked.
6. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
7. My Grandpa Prater's Wrestling Moves
8. Randy  the  Golden Boy, in his Underwear
9. My First Indian Sausage Sighting and BDSM Scene.
10. A boy invites me on my first date.


Around May, my first gay memory: of men hugging.  I'm 3 1/2 years old, living in a small town in Northeastern Indiana.  Dad just got out of the navy, and is working in a factory.


More gay memories: I chase the boy with the guitar. and Dad throws my Book of Cute Boys out the window.

Summer 1965

A vague memory of the Muscles of Morris Street

We move to Racine, Wisconsin.  Our house is on Kewaunee Street, near Lake Michigan.


Kindergarten at Hansche Elementary School.  The bodybuilder on the beach and my first bulge sighting.

Grandma Prater dies.

Summer 1966

Grandma Davis takes me to Indianapolis to meet  the President of the United States  (The President's not cute.)


First grade at Hansche Elementary School.  

My parents bring home a male-female couple, and I kiss the boy: What's funny about kissing a cute boy?

Summer 1967

We visit South Carolina and Florida, where I meet the Boy named Twilight.)


Second grade at Hansche Elementary School. The girl with the marvelous dollhouse, and I marry Doug, the boy next door.

Two gay memories in the spring: the first boy I tied up, and I help corrupt a Mean Boy

Summer 1968

Vacation Bible School: Why I love the word "divorce"

We spend three weeks with my Aunt Nora, and I get a 
I get a glimpse of Cousin Joe's "shame"

We move to Rock Island, Illinois.  Our house is on 41st Street, just north of Denkmann Elementary School.  I immediately try to find a third grade boyfriend


Fall: Third grade at Denkmann.  A boy invites me on my first date.

In November, my sister is born. My first sleepover: Going to Bed with the Boy Next Door.

Indiana for Christmas

 In February, I meet Bill, my first real boyfrienda reformed Mean Boy who lives two blocks away.  Together through sixth grade.

Summer 1969

A week in Indiana.  Uncle Paul gets married (I see the naked man in the peat bog; My Best Man)

A week camping in Minnesota.

Back in Rock Island, 
Nick rescues me from the Face of Pure Evil, and while Cruising at the bookmobile, I get my first hookup.


Fourth grade at Denkmann.  My first Asian boyfriend, and my first kiss, from Greg the boy vampire.

Indiana for Thanksgiving and Christmas: A high school boy gives me his underwear.

Spring: Bill and I go on Captain Ernie's Cartoon Showboat: Captain Ernie and his first mate.

Summer 1970

The joys of playing outside

A week in Indiana (The Naked Ghost at the Crossroads), and camping in Minnesota  and Canada (Roadside beefcake).

Swimming lessons: m
y swimming teacher promises Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Nazarene Summer Camp.


Fifth grade at Denkmann.  The Naked Indian god at the pow wow, Bill and I become a Mama and a Papa, and I wonder What is gym class for?

Indiana for Christmas.  I try to see Uncle Edd's Gun

Spring: Judo lessons: I think my judo master is gay, and I turn Japanese.

A boy seduces me during wild night: pancakes, massage, and a wiener; I see Randy  the  Golden Boy, in his Underwear

In March, we visit my Indian relatives in Michigan.  My First Indian Sausage Sighting and BDSM Scene.

Summer 1971

 A week in Indiana: My Grandpa Prater's Wrestling Moves.  Then we visit my Cousin George in South Carolina: "only fools wear pajamas".  On the way back, I fall asleep in a sailor's arms.

Back in Rock Island, Bill and I rebel against  "discovering girls."

At Nazarene Summer Camp, The Sanderson Boys get naked.


Sixth grade at Denkmann.  I have a crush on Mr. Davis, my "uncle," the math teacher.  Years later I hook up with him.

Indiana for Thanksgiving (Cousin Phil's Boyfriend)

In December, While "babysitting" Brian, I hear about gay people for the first time.


During my birthday outing in May, Bill and I find "A Little Bit O'Heaven"

Summer 1972

A week in Indiana, where I get a sausage sighting of the mysterious boy in the Old House, and Cousin Buster and I get God mad.

A week camping in Michigan and Canada (Cousin Phil's Boyfriend).

At Nazarene Summer Camp, Marty shows me how to go past first base 

Back in Rock Island, Bill and I find out about the Football Star's Date with Tarzan.

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