East Village

Top Stories

1. Date with the Nastiest Guy in the World
3. The White Knight and the Jester.
4. Gay Panic and the obnoxious roommate
5. Stuck with a student at Jamaica Station
6.  Amish boy in red bikini briefs.
7. The Football Player who Got Unstuck in Time
8. The BDSM Birthday Boy 
9. My hookup with Harvey from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Fall 1997

I am enrolled in the doctoral pr
ogram at Setauket University and living in a graduate student apartment on campus with three straight roommates: (using gay panic to try to get rid of the obnoxious roommate).  Every weekend I take the train into Manhattan, where I'm a regular at the New York Bondage Club (Dustin invites me to aall-nighter at the New York Bondage Club)

Dates with Jaan, the  Estonian mountain climber; hookup with Conrad, who came to my room to fix my computer; and a fireman (Fantasy Hookup #4).

Yuri, the gay Russian, claims to be straight, until the night of the department Christmas party, when he discovers why  my nickname is Boomer.   We become friends.

I stay in New York for Christmas.

Spring 1998

Sharing with Yuri and his first real date (The guy who just wanted to kiss); hookup with the Lebanese guy who wanted to "hang out: and in search of an apartment in Manhattan, I have a Date with the Nastiest Guy in the World

In March, I take Yuri to San Francisco and West Hollywood.

Summer 1998

 Visit to Estonia, Russia, and Finland with Jaan and Yuri; Jaan chooses between us, and in Estonia, we share the Swedish bodybuilder who looks like a serial killer

Conference in Montreal.  At a bathhouse, I meet the wing man to a Muscle God, and discover the truth about the Formosan Penis.

Indianapolis and Rock Island for Rocky High's 20-Year Reunion: The Naked Nordic God of Iceland.

In August, I move into a two-bedroom apartment on 13th Street in the East Village with Edward the Art Appraiser.

Fall 1998

I commute from the East Village to Setauket, often spending the night with Yuri.  We go to weekly bear parties on Long Island. I don't do much socializing in Manhattan, until Yuri and his boyfriend find me a gay hangout.

Hookup with Carl, who didn't want to be interviewed for a research project.  In October, I start dating Blake the Opera Buff, but conduct a roommate switch to Joe the Regular Guy.  We date for about a year.

Back in Indiana, for Christmas, a hookup with a guy who lives only a few blocks from my parents' house.

Spring 1999

Visiting West Hollywood for New Year's, I hear the One Thing Kerry Wants in a Guy

Edward tells about his hookup with the winged man

Yuri cruises at a Russian Orthodox seminary, and we share the unhung hippie

Conference in Boston. A prank allows me to see Homophobic Student in the Shower.

Joe and I travel to Rhinebeck, New York, to visit his ex-boyfriend, the Muscle Bear, who is not into sharing.

Summer 1999

Summer in Paris.  Hookup with Prasert from the Thai restaurant (Fantasy Hookup #5) and date with Tomor the Mongolian Shaman. When Yuri visits, we travel to Spain to  search for the world's biggest penises, and share Garan: Third Wheel to a Muscle God

Fall 1999

I begin working as an adjunct at Hofstra University, in addition to taking classes and working as a teaching assistant at Setauket University.

My friend Andre invites me me to help exorcise the Homophobic Demon.  I become friends with Barry, who tells about growing up in Williamsburg (The Colonial Boy's First Time), his career as a hustler, and his encounter with the Creepy Old Guy.  Later he tells me about his hookup with Luke Perry, and sets me up with Jared, the HIV positive BDSM Birthday Boy 
Blake takes us to a theatrical party, where I get dates with Andrew Lloyd Webber,  Tom Wopat, and the Theater Buff (Guy Who Got Away).

Edward and I share his Boyfriend for Pay

At the bear party, we meet Ozzie, who tells about his encounter with John F. Kennedy Jr and later refuses to leave my room until it stops raining.

In Rock Island for Christmas, I meet my Sunday school teacher's stripper sons, and Fred tells the story of his boyfriend Jester, the blind boy with the footlong: The White Knight and the Jester.

Spring 2000

Indianapolis for New Year's: Matt the Bartender and the Y2K Bug.

Stuck with a student at Jamaica Station; he invites me to share his bunk bed, and we end up dating for six months.

In West Hollywood for the Oscar Party, I hook up with Nate Richert, Harvey from Sabrina the Teenage Witch.  David comes down to visit.

Back in New York, The Man in Black cruises me on Christopher StreetYuri and I share a Korean gym rat; and a sausage sighting of Dr. Chester, the ex-wrestler with the Kovbasa.

Yuri and I visit Zack in Providence, Rhode Island. He tells about about his night with the Prince of Sweden.

I finish my comprehensive exams and begin my doctoral dissertation.

Summer 2000

Back to Indianapolis for a week, including a day at Manville Camp (Nephew Sausage Sighting #1: Ethan),  then a conference in Durban, South Africa, where I quest for the Bushman Penis and meet Sibu, the Hottest Guy in the World; after that, a Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam trip.

Back in New York, Liam gives me a present for his 18th birthday.

Fall 2000

Yuri has moved to Florida, so I have to commute from Manhattan three times a week.

Dates with with Mario, the teen model; Shen the Chinese History Major; the Football Player who Got Unstuck in Time; and on Election Day, I break every rule of gay cruising.

I begin dating Ari, until my roommate Edward tries to "make" him

In December, Yuri and I go back to Rock Island for Christmas, and teach my nephew the gay Facts of Life. 

Spring 2001

Yuri and I go to Indianapolis for New Year's.

I date Peter, the Filipino sociology major, and hookup with Jermaine, the biggest guy on my Sausage List

Preparing to graduate, I go on eight job interviews ("Are you ever mistaken for gay?"), including one in Bemidji, Minnesota, where I reunite with Fred: Fred and the Icelandic Photographer

In May, I go to Delaware for Jermaine's Uncle's 50th Birthday party.

I receive my Ph.D.

Summer 2001

Back in Rock Island, an attempted hookup up with the the pizza delivery boy, and a week in Indianapolis.

I can't find a teaching job in a gay neighborhood, so Yuri suggests that I come live with him in Florida.  I move in August.  On the way, I encounter the Amish boy in red bikini briefs.  At a housewarming party, Kevin the bodybuilder tells the story of the teenage underwear thief.

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