Thursday, September 14, 2017

Nude Photos of Robby Benson

I have always hated movies full of angst, gravitas, and people dying.  But in the early 1980s, when I was in college, I watched them: The End (1978), Ice Castles (1978), Die Laughing (1980), The Chosen (1981), Running Brave (1983), Harry and Son (1984) -- just for a glimpse of Robby Benson.

There was never a more beautiful teen idol.  Never.  A face that would make you melt.  If you ever managed to look away from that face, there was a warm chest, six-pack abs.

Robby was trying to be a serious actor, but he faced a major hurdle: audiences never paid attention to the plot, characters, or dialogue of his angst-ridden movies.  They were too busy waiting for him to take his shirt off.

This was before actors would strut across the stage nude regularly, so we get only three glimpses of Robby naked.

1. The underwear scene in Ice Castles shows a very clear penis outline.

2. Running Brave has a scene with Robby walking through the locker room to the showers.  Butt shot.

3. This is apparently an outtake -- it doesn't appear in the film.  But Robby's pubic hair, penis shaft, and head are in full view.

It's not much, but really, with a face like that, the penis seems irrelevant. I'm busy writing "Robby + Boomer"  in purple ink in the margin of my chemistry notebook.

The full post is on Boomer Beefcake and Bonding.


  1. Shame the outtake shot is so grainy. Tough to see Rubbys penis.

    1. Unfortunately that's as clear as it gets.

    2. It was cut because Robby is.

      TBH, it's hard to find Indian men willing to do nude scenes, on top of the usual reasons. (Hollywood still has racism issues.) But it's amusing in Running Brave because nearly every Indian man is uncut.

      (And yeah it's meta here.)

  2. Anyway, he had a beautiful penis. I was crazy about him too.

  3. Such a shame we didn't see more of his body. He should have been able to get edgier roles after his "Teen Beat" phase. What I would give for a clear full frontal of this gorgeous man (and he still is today).



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