Top Stories

1. The  shy boy in the third row.
2. The Gay Psychic Angel
3. Desperately Seeking Kevin the Vampire.
4. David and I pick up a teenage hitchhiker on the way to Key West.

5. Thannoyingly upbeat Boy Who Cried Fabulous.
6. Cruising in Tucumcari 
7. The high school bodybuilder.
8. The Young Republican from my religion class.
9. .A three-way between Pat Boone, Dick Sargent, and a teenage fan.
10. Yuri and I share his boyfriend, Jim the Baseball Player

Fall 2001

I am sharing a house on 25th Street in Wilton Manors, near Fort Lauderdale, with Yuri and Barney, and working as a fitness trainer at Barney's Gym (CSCS Certification), and English and writing instructor at the Police Academy.  Regular hangouts are the Club Bathhouse and the Filling Station.

First boyfriend: Matt, the security guard who dumps me for an older guy.

Conference in Atlanta in November.

Christmas in Rock Island: my old high school teacher makes the most  homophobic statement  I have ever heard, and Dick, my old bully, is dating the Pizza Boy

Spring 2002

Sharing the Coffee Drinker with Yuri and the former Nickelodeon child star with Barney.  Date with the Brazilian Drag Queen

In March, Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam: Hookup with the West African custodian in Paris

Summer 2002

I begin dating Wade the Real Beach Boy.  We date for about a year.

I reunite with Barney's visiting friend, the  shy boy in the third row, and Yuri tells about his first boyfriend, in the Russian army.

Visiting Indianapolis and Garrett. Dad STILL hasn't figured it out, then a conference in Brisbane, Australia; In Search of Australian Aboriginal Men

Fall 2002

I take a job as a visiting professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Wade hooks up with Barney's boyfriend, the Giant; later he invites me to share. Meanwhile, I have a date with the Gay Psychic Angel and Jack the Vacuum Cleaner.

Nov: Conference in Chicago.

The Young Republican from my religion class asks me to a Christmas party at his country club.

I stay in Florida for Christmas.

Spring 2003

Sausage Sighting of The Sikh at Barney's Gym

March: Back to West Hollywood and San Francisco.  Desperately Seeking Kevin the Vampire; and Randall the Muscle Bear tells us about an alleged three-way between Pat Boone, Dick Sargent, and a teenage fan.

My nephew tries to turn a boy gay.

Date with Arjun with the weird pickup line.

Summer 2003

Travel to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam.  Date with Janik the Frisian bodybuilder at the Horseman's Club. Then to Rock Island.  Trip to Washington and Mount Vernon, Iowa, to meet the son of Mr. Blowfish and spend the day with him.

Back in Florida, a hookup with Remy, the Filling Station regular, and Yuri and I share his boyfriend, Jim the Baseball Player

David visits: he hooks up with a college boy in an elevator in Montreal, and we pick up a teenage hitchhiker on the way to Key West.

Fall 2003

A darkroom bait-and-switch with a guy who turns out to be intersexed, and I make friends with the straight guy who never figures it out.

Conference in Denver; Christmas in Indianapolis

Spring 2004

In Kentucky in January for my uncle's funeral: I reunite with mKentucky Kinfolk

I fixing up the Georgia Boy with a cute young thing; Yuri and I share Victor and his Sleazoid Daddy, and Yuri takes me to meet The Florida Cowboy with the Kovbasa+

I go on the Worst Date in Florida History, and discover the surprise in Comic Book Guy's Bedroom

Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam in March: Jean the Violinist in Paris, who wouldn't let me touch his instrument.

Summer 2004

Back to Indianapolis and Rock Island in June: Joel's transformation from choir boy to punk rocker; Nephew Sausage Sighting #3: A Penis Sock and a Fondle.

Meanwhile, Wade the beach boy goes to the Bear Party

A week in San Francisco, then visiting Larry in New Mexico: finding Larry's fetish grandmother's gay connection; Cruising in Tucumcari and in the Navajo Nation.

In August, 
Jaan from Estonia visits.

Fall 2004

At a hurricane party, Yuri Steals My Boyfriend; meanwhile he gets a new new boyfriend, the Bodybuilder Who Never Got Naked, and Wade the Beach Boy cruises in Hawaii.

Conference in Nashville in November.

At Christmastime, Yuri and I trade hookups, and then fly out to Paris for the holidays. 

Spring 2005

Dates with the high school bodybuilder and thannoyingly upbeat Boy Who Cried Fabulous.

Several job interviews (Hooking up on a job interview).  On one in South Carolina, I I reunite with Cousin George and his boyfriend 

Back to L.A. for the Oscar Party.

Yuri and I give a makeover to The Ugly Guy.

Summer 2005

I escape to the gay haven of Slovakia, where I teach at an alternative high school (looking for beefcake at  the Slovak water park).  Doc and I travel to Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic (Bartek the Bathhouse boy in Prague).

When I return to the U.S., I spent a week in Indianapolis, then move to Dayton.

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