West Hollywood

Top Stories

1.  A public encounter with the Catholic Boy
2. The Worst Date in West Hollywood History3. Derek tells about his date with pop star David Cassidy.
4. The teenage lawnboy
5. Picking Up the Best Man at My Sister's Wedding.
6. Lane and I look for penises in Poland.
(Lane and his Trophy Boy
7. Matt tells about his first night with Fred and his brother.
8. Alan tells us about the time he was arrested
9. My date with celebrity Michael J. Fox. 
10. Mr. Muscle Doctor Big Basket

Summer 1985

I move into a 1-room carriage house on Westbourne, near Santa Monica and San Vicente in West Hollywood.  Jobs as an editor at Muscle and Fitness, a human resources assistant at the Community Redevelopment Agency, and an Adjunct Professor at Loyola Marymount College.  My favorite hangouts are the Metropolitan Church, the French Quarter,  and Mugi, the gay Asian bar.

Dates with Marcus, who has a Beneath the Belt Mystery; the Bulgarian bodybuilder who claims to be Michael J. Fox's ex-lover; Huan, the first guy I met at Mugi; and Arman, the first Hispanic guy I dated; plus celebrity Michael J. Fox.  

Fall 1985
I begin the doctoral program in Comparative Literature at USC, with courses in Renaissance Literature, French, Latin, and German.

After a date with Robin Williams and his boyfriend, I start dating Alan, the Pentecostal porn starWhile I am in Rock Island for Christmas, Alan hooks up with a Norwegian con artist.  We break up, but stay friends.

Spring 1986

Alan and I go to Catch One and meet T, the thug on my Sausage List; we go to Mugi and meet the kept boy.

I land a date with the most conservative professor on campus.

Summer 1986

I fly to Australia to visit the Cowboy of Kangaroo Island, then spend six weeks in Japan with Alan.  We hookup with Jin the Shinto Priest, and share Minoru, the bed-hopping university student

Back home, I visit Rock Island for a week.

Back in Rock Island, Will and Scott have a wild night with Keanu Reeves, and a celebrity tries to steal my boyfriend, Thanh the Vietnamese student.

Fall 1986

I move into Alan's 3-bedroom apartment near Plummer Park in West Hollywood.  We go to the gym and MCC together, eat at the French Quarter, and cruise at Mugi.

I date Raul, the cook from East L.A on and off for the next two years. In November, we bankrupt the porn industry.

Back in Rock Island for Christmas, Fred and I hook up with the Ginger Boy.

Spring 1987

After briefly breaking up with Raul, I date my celebrity boyfriend through the spring: a Valentine's Day "sharing" of one of his friends; and at a post-Oscar party, we share the Director and his Cute Young Thing.  Then the Celebrity and I break up.

Summer 1987

Alan and I visit Tijuana, and meet Bathhouse Boy Alejandro

A week in Rock Island and then to a conference at Notre Dame.  A public encounter with the Catholic Boy

Back in West Hollywood: 
Mr. Muscle Doctor Big Basket

At the end of the summer, Alan moves to Thailand.
I move into a house on Hilldale, off Sunset and San Vicente, with Derek the former fitness model.

Fall 1987

A hookup or date with Mario in the white room, who tells me about dating Rob Lowe.

I date Rev. Jasper, a Baptist minister from Gardena; share Raul's housemate, Heinz, a crazy German guy; and date Will, the bondage boy with the Sweeney Todd fetish.  We become friends.

I stay in L.A. for Christmas. Date with my doctor, who makes a housecall.  

Spring 1988

My ex boyfriend Fred visits with Matt,  the Cute Young Thing who insults both me and Raul. 

In March, I fly to 
Thailand to rescue Alan from being ex-gay.  He soon moves back to West Hollywood.

Date with Celebrity Richard Dreyfuss

I finish my qualifying exams and begin work on my doctoral dissertation, but my terrible dissertation committee forbids me from saying "gay," 

Summer 1988

A week in Rock Island.  I go to Rocky High's 10th Year Reunion, and drive to Normal, Illinois to hook up with mgrade school math teacher.

Back in West Hollywood, 4th of July barbecue, Alan tells us about the time he was arrested

In August, Alan moves to Paris, and Fred and Matt move to Claremont, California (Fred tells about his hookup with Ronald Reagan Jr.).

Fall 1988

An unwelcome houseguest claims to be Ronald Reagan's ex-lover; I hook up with Cesar Romano; I met the cowboy of Sunset Boulevard, and share him with my roommate Derek

My terrible dissertation committee requires that I "pick up Russian."  I take a job in Turkey.

Election Day Hookup: The Romanian Hustler at the Gay Asian Bar.

Marcus tells about his hookup with one of the Hollywood Squares

Christmas in Rock Island.

Spring 1989

I move to Ankara, Turkey, for a job as an English instructor (the Turkish bodybuilder).  In February, I visit Alan in Paris.  We share the cop Alan cruises.

In May, I 
return to West Hollywood (with a trip to Tel Aviv on the way, and a Sausage Sighting: the Baptist Preacher on the Plane).  I leave USC without without writing my dissertation, and begin dating Lane (Lane and his Trophy Boy).  We are together until around 1997.

Summer 1989

My housemate Derek tells about his date with the pop star David Cassidy.

Back in Rock Island for two weeks: 
My sister gets married: Picking Up the Best Man at My Sister's Wedding; sausage sighting of the contractor remodeling my parents' kitchen.

In West Hollywood, I get a terrible editorial job at the  Getty Consternation Institute.  

Fall 1989

Lane and I scandalize the Orthodox Cute Young Thing

We stay in West Hollywood for Christmas.

Spring 1990

Derek and I share his ex-boyfriend, the Naked Man in the Bathtub; a guy at church who has a new lover every weekLane brings home a sleazoid; I have a date with celebrity Jeff MacKay

Summer 1990

Back to Rock Island for a week, and then Lane and I look for penises in Poland.

In August, I move into Lane's apartment on Hacienda, near La Cienega and Sunset in West Hollywood.  Our favorite hangouts are Beth Chaim Chadashim, the gay synagogue; the French Quarter; and the Faultline, a leather bar.

Fall 1990

I try to become a freelance writer, and take classes in Biblical Hebrew at UCLA ("How Are You?" is Not a Question).

In November, I see the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the first time.

Back in Rock Island for Christmas, Dick and I meet the same  Ginger Boy. that Fred and I hooked up with four years ago.

Spring 1991

I meet Lane's friend Randall,  the Bear with the Pierced Penis

In March, Lane's date with Batman, Robin, and the Joker, and a visit to San Francisco (my first time).

I become friends with Cesar Romero.  He tells about his hookup with the entire male cast of I Love Lucy, and about his hookup with Desi Arnaz Jr.

Summer 1991

A week in Rock Island (The Promised Land of Gigantic Penises); then Lane and I visit Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam.  In Paris, Alan sends us In search of the Lapp Penis.

In August, I move to N
ashville, into an apartment on the West End, near the Parthenon.

Fall 1991

I take classes in Biblical Hebrew at Vanderbilt Divinity School, and work as an adjunct professor at Middle Tennessee State University.

Hookups: the Tennesee redneck ( Frozen Custard and Gay Bashing); the Medieval Knight who didn't want to be outed; the country-western star; and Larry ( discover Larry's fetish)

In December, I 
move back to West Hollywood.  No time to go to Rock Island for Christmas. Lane tells the story of the Cute Young Thing of Tel Aviv

Spring 1992

Back in West Hollywood, I take classes an acting and stand up comedy, and try to work as a translator. I meet Ryan the Gay Dwarf.  We go on The Worst Date in West Hollywood History

Summer 1992

 A week in Rock Island.  Then Lane and I go to Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam, and track down the gay baron of Eindhoven.

Back in West Hollywood, I get a job teaching Gay 101 at Juvenile Hall.

Fall 1992

Lane and I date the teenage beach boy, and almost date the teenage lawnboy; I sneak Chazz into his boyfriend's bedroom.  

How we invented sex parties.

Election Day Hookup: Alan's ex.

Thanksgiving and Christmas in Rock Island

Spring 1993

At the synagogue, Gershom asks to "practice on me" before his first date with a Gentile.

We go to Las Vegas, and to visit Fred and Matt for the weekend. Matt tells about his first night with Fred and his brother.

Lane and I land a date with the waiter in a Mexican restaurant.

At Passover, Will tells about his hookup with Peter Fonda.

Summer 1993

We fly to London for a gay Jewish conference:  Stranded on The Isle of Dogs  On the way back, I visit Alan in Norfolk, Virginia, and meet Tarik, who Alan and his partner fix me up with as a substitute for "sharing.".  Alan tells about the time he picked up a father and son in Hong Kong. Tarik tells about his frist time with a white guy, a "blue-eyed demon."

A week in Rock Island for my brother's second wedding, and it's back to West Hollywood, where I get a job an architectural assistant at Gruen Associates

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