Sunday, November 5, 2017

Donnie's Gay Sex Party with Jack Wild

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  1. "Lidsville" starred Butch Patrick; "Sigmund" starred Johnny Whitaker; and "Land of the Lost" starred Wesley Eure. All have been the subject of gay rumors, but only Wesley Eure has made a public statement about being gay.

  2. If you listen to Gilbert Gottfried’s podcast with Butch Patrick as the guest he talks about working on Lidsville with Charles Nelson Riley and every day before shooting Charles would give him a kiss on the mouth which Butch hated and asked one of the producers where Sid was because he was getting tired of this and was going to complain to him about the it and the producer told him it wouldn’t help since Sid was gay.

  3. Donnie spit out Sid Krofft's load? He is a failure as a gay man.


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