Monday, April 9, 2018

A Public Encounter on an Elevator

Photo: Michael Stokes Photography
Montreal, August ____.

Tommy was 22 years old, tall and very slim with short black hair, a smooth chest, nicely developed legs, and a rather small penis.  He was a political science major at Ohio State University, on the debate team and the swim team, visiting Montreal for the International Political Science Association conference..

This was his first professional conference, his first time in Canada, and his first time staying in a gleaming multi-story hotel!

Tommy was gay but not out.  He had never been in a gay bar or bathhouse.  He had only been with a few guys.  But he fantasized -- a lot.  

He liked older guys, in their 40s and 50s.  Uniforms of all sorts: cops, firemen, priests.  Businesmen.  Professors.  Politicians.  And especially bodybuilders.  Maybe not scary-massive, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but big enough to be impressively masculine, to take charge.

He had never told anyone, but his favorite fantasy for alleviating morning wood involved going down on his middle-aged but still muscular political science professor in his office, with people walking by in the hallway a few feet away.

That afternoon Tommy was on his way to the lobby to go to a session on "Race, Ethnicity, and the Politics of Coalition Building."  Wearing a suit, because he mistakenly believed that everyone would be wearing suits, and he brought no other clothes.

12th Floor:  Tommy got on and pushed "Mezzanine."

5th Floor, the floor with the health club and pool: the elevator doors opened, and his Fantasy Guy got in!

Tommy froze in place, staring open-jawed.  It was like a dream!

In his 40s or 50s, tall, broad-shoulder, thick hard biceps, He was wearing a blue t-shirt, damp with sweat, that displayed his massive hairy chest.  His blue athletic shorts displayed a visible bulge.

Fantasy Guy smiled as he brushed past Tommy to push the button for the 20th floor.

"Oh, we're going down," Tommy said.

"Darn.  I was going up, back to my room."  Very sexy deep voice.  "I can't very well go to the bars looking like this."

He must be gay!  And so open, out to a complete stranger!  

"Certainly not,"  Tommy said.  "You have to shower"

Their eyes locked.

Start a conversation!  "Are you here for the political science conference?"

"Just a vacation," Fantasy Guy said.  "First time in Montreal?"

Before Tommy could answer, the elevator stopped.

3rd floor: A crowd got in.  Tommy and Fantasy Guy were pushed together, chest to chest.

"Sorry," Tommy said.  His hand accidentally brushed Fantasy Guy's crotch.

"Oh, no problem.  I don't mind close quarters at all.  His hand was on the bar at the back of the elevator, against Tommy's back.  

Mezzanine.  Tommy's floor!  Most of the people got off.  Tommy stayed.

Lobby.  The rest got off.  No one got on.  Fantasy Guy watched quizzically as the elevator doors closed.
"Weren't you going down?"

Tommy hit the button for the 12th floor.  " forgot my wallet."

Fantasy Guy pushed the button for the 20th floor.    

They were now alone in the elevator, but they didn't move to separate sides.  Fantasy Guy pushed Tommy's hand onto his crotch.  A beautiful uncut Mortadella+ sprang up through his gym trunks.  Instinctively Tommy dropped to his knees and went down on it.

15th floor:  The elevator stopped, and the doors opened.  Fortunately, no one was waiting.  Fantasy Guy pulled Tommy to his feet.  They kissed.

20th floor.  Wordlessly they walked down the hall to Fantasy Guy's room.

They fell onto the bed, and Tommy pulled up Fantasy Guy's  shirt to kiss and lick his chest.  He moved down to his firm belly, to his huge bull-balls, and finally returned to the Mortadella+. Meanwhile the muscle bear's massive hand was fondling Tommy.

Fantasy Guy quickly undressed Tommy and went down on him.  It was a little embarrassing to have such a super-hung muscle guy pay attention to his rather small, cut penis -- but also incredibly erotic.  He would have finished in a few moments, but Fantasy Guy had more in mind.

He pushed Tommy down onto his back and entered between his legs.  Chest to chest, crotch to crotch, the Mortadella pushing masterfully against his balls.  Tommy had a thunderous orgasm.  He barely noticed when Fantasy Guy spurted against his crotch and then collapsed onto him.  They lay in bed, kissing and talking, for a long time.

"Can I see you tomorrow?" Tommy asked.

"Sadly, no.  I've got an early flight.  But let's exchange numbers -- there will be lots more vacations."

Tommy kept the number, but he didn't call.  He didn't really want to.  He wanted this memory to be perfect.

Now you have to guess who the Fantasy Guy was.
A. Boomer
B. Alan
C. David
D. Yuri

Some hints:
a. I'm a college professor.
b. Alan was an uninhibited former porn star.  He loved Montreal, and visited as often as he could.
c. David likes hooking up in public places.
d. I lived in Ohio for three years.
e. Yuri and I lived in New York, a short drive from Montreal.
f. We're both uncut.

Answer after the break.

David.  He was visiting Montreal before dropping down to Florida in August 2003.

He remembered only that Tommy was a student at Ohio State University.  I researched the conference on the internet, and invented the other details to flesh out Tommy's back story.

See also: The Sausage Sighting of the Homophobic Student in the Shower; David and I Pick Up a Teenage Hitchhiker.


  1. Replies
    1. You doing construction work?

      Funny thing about how gay stories tend to be like that. Start with what you remember, work your way back. Or just invent it from nothing like a lot of celebrity gay rumors.

  2. Sorry I keep using the same photo for David, but the model looks almost exactly like him when we first met. Even the penis is accurate. The resemblance is so remarkable that other photos seem wrong.



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