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The Baptist Student Union: Two guys give in to temptation

Naperville, Illinois

perville, Illinois

When I finally managed to drop out of the Nazarene church, my parents told me, "You don't have to be a Nazarene, but you can't be a heathen!  Find another church to go to!"  

So I tried Presbyterian and Lutheran churches, and, during my senior year at Augustana College, the Baptist Student Fellowship.

My parents were not pleased.

Nazarenes thought that Baptists were the most evil of the "so-called Christians." At least the Lutherans were open about worshipping idols, and the Presbyterians about tearing apart the Bible, but the Baptists were almost identical to Nazarenes.

The only differences that I could see:

1. Baptism.  The Nazarene Manual mentioned baptism, but in all my years as a Nazarene, I had never seen it done. Baptists required it for everybody.

2.  "Once saved, always saved."  Nazarenes believed that after you got saved, you could backslide -- commit more sins -- and have to be saved all over again.  For Baptists, once was enough -- after you were saved, you would go to heaven no matter what you did.  

When I was a kid, the older boys at church whispered that due to "once saved, always saved," Baptists had no morals: hey would "put out" for anybody.  So if you wanted a "sure thing" on a date, ask a Baptist girl. 

What about Baptist boys?  I joined the Baptist Student Union to find out.

The full story is on RG Beefcake and Boyfriends


  1. I actually saw only one of the guys, the one nearest me. I saw only tenting in the guy in the bed next to me, and the third guy was too far away to make out in the darkness.

  2. In school we called it the Bedspring Symphony. And it's any males in performance art, boarding school, or college.

    1. Pretty much. My generation, some guys MIGHT be persuaded to do it openly, if you had straight porn.



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