Thursday, April 4, 2024

Sausage Sightings of Men in Kilts

Scottish men and boys have been wearing kilts since the 15th century.  They hang loose around your thighs, traditionally with no underwear, allowing your equipment to flap about freely.

And allowing for lots of sausage sightings, accidentally or on purpose.

I like the ones that are accidental.

Resting at a Celtic festival.

The kilt tends to ride up, so you have to be careful.

Nice balls.

This is the mother of all accidental sausage flashes.

More after the break.

Of course, a deliberate flash is fine, too.

No fair -- he's wearing briefs under his kilt.

Hmm, kind of small.  But he's cute anyway.  I'd invite him to nip around to the pub for a pint.

That's more like it.  Anyone for under-the-table action?

Ok, so you can't see his penis.  Are you complaining?

The full post on Scottish kilts is on Boomer Beefcake and Bonding.


  1. At last! A reason to be proud of my Scottish heritage! Lord knows we haven't made any culinary contributions past oatmeal... I am surprised, though, that so many of the guys in the pictures appear to be circumcised. (?)

    Boomer, I'm not clear on why the military pic is the mother of all sausage flashes. Is it someone famous that I am not recognizing?

    1. It's been awhile, but I think it's "the mother" because it's accidental. Most of the others are deliberate

  2. Ah. Thanks. He should have worn a heavier kilt pin. That's the whole reason they're there -To weigh down the front panel so it doesn't blow up in the wind.

  3. So I've been around a lot of years and this is the first time I've seen this issue explored photographically. Thank you. The next time I hear a bagpipe you know where I'll be heading.



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