Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Cartoon Superheroes in Peril

Robin the Boy Wonder was introduced into the Batman comic books to give the Caped Crusader someone to rescue, and ever since, a tied, tormented, and threatened Boy Wonder has been a comic book mainstay.

Regardless of whether he is Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, or any of the other incarnations.

Fan artists have certainly noticed, and produced any number of X-rated pictures of Robin in chains.

[All pictures are the property of their respective artists, and depict adults.]

But why stop with Robin?  Why not depict Spiderman, Peter Parker, being tormented by the Green Goblin on a dildo bench, with a vibrator attached to his penis?

Superman is invulnerable to most ropes, but insert a kryptonite dildo or two, and you'll have him right where you want him.  In this case, on a milking machine.

Did you know that Kryptonians have no pubic hair?

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You can also choose a lesser-known superhero, or make up your own.  I don't know who this is.  Cosmic Lad, maybe?

Why restrict yourself to costumed superheroes?  Anyone from comic books or cartoons will do.  Like Disney's Aladdin with an impossibly huge penis being stripped for nefarious purposes.

Or Fred from Scooby-Doo, hog-tied, dildo inserted, waiting for Shaggy to finish what he started.  Notice the many dildos in the background.

Bart Simpson, anyone?  Grown into an adult, of course.


  1. But the picture clearly shows Superman having pubes? Not many, but they are there. Now Robin, on the other hand...

    1. You mean the little dark square area? I thought that was part of the orgasm machine.

  2. Looks like pubes to me. Not connected to the machine that I can see...

  3. It's technically a dark "triangle" area. It appears to be pubes to me also.



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