Sunday, January 7, 2018

Guys Naked in the Snow

The other day it was 24 degrees out, with a biting wind.  As I walked through the gym parking lot as fast as I could, shivering in the cold, I saw a high school kid standing there, waiting for a ride, in gym trunks and a t-shirt.

Not shivering.

How could he do that?

There's something undeniably erotic about guys with their shirts off, or naked, in the snow.  Maybe it's the incongruity -- I would never dream of going outside like that in the cold, not even for a second.

Certainly not lying around in it, trying to make a snow angel.

Maybe it's the toughness.  This guy is impervious to the cold.  He must be made of iron.

In Scandinavian countries, it's traditional to take a hot sauna, then run out into the snow.  The juxtaposition of hot and cold is supposed to be good for you.

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Some intrepid "polar bears" go swimming in frigid weather.  I don't even like a cold pool in warm weather.

I don't know what this soldier is doing nude in the snow, except showing off

An entire sports team posing naked in the snow.

At least he's wearing shoes.

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