Monday, March 6, 2017

Bullfighter Bulges

Matadors, the chief player in bullfights, wear stylized, flamboyant costumes with so many tassels, threads, and brocades that they need a dresser.

The bulge is an essential part of the costume, an overt, obvious sign of the matador's manhood.

Either all matadors are exceptionally well hung, or they pad down there.

You can even see the teeth marks, as we used to say in West Hollywood.

Of course, in a real corrida, you're seeing them from a great distance, while sitting in a gigantic stadium, but when his bulge is almost as big as his head, you can't help but notice.

This matador is on the small side, which means enormous for everybody else.

More after the break.

The gold brocade adds just the right touch.

The bull got too close for comfort that time.

A costume malfunction.

The picadores are also bulgeworthy.

After all that, nudity doesn't really seem necessary, but here's a matador posing nude.

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