Thursday, June 29, 2017

With Voyeuristic Intention: The Joy of Watching

I've always been a big fan of watching other guys have sex.

Half the fun of bear parties and sharing is watching guys.

Especially boyfriends.  On the first few dates, you might get a little jealous, but once you're in a committed relationship, there's something undeniably erotic about seeing your guy with another guy.

It's also nice to watch your partner stripping and flexing.  You never get a good look while kissing or going down on him.

Have you ever tried watching him masturbate, without lending a hand, becoming a pure voyeur?

The interplay of chest, ab, and leg muscles, the rigidity of the cock, the respiration and heart rate increase, the facial expressions as he watches you watching him.

His entire body rigid at the moment of orgasm.

More after the break.

If his cock is down your throat or between your legs at the moment of orgasm, you miss its pure aesthetic beauty.

And the sight of the cock as it gradually relaxes, shrinks to its soft size.

He will probably want to watch you, too.

Of course, you want to kiss him, go down on him, lie on top of him, explore his body and soul with your mouth, your hands, your penis.

But don't forget the visual.

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  1. I admit that I got the idea for this post because I haven't been able to use my mouth for a week.



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