Sunday, July 2, 2017

The 10 Hottest Small Guys

The average length of an aroused penis in the U.S., measured from base to tip, is between 5" and 6."  But everyone thinks it's about 8", so average-sized guys often feel insecure, and small guys don't even like to pull it out.  But small ones work just like big ones, better in some cases -- no worries about gagging or biting.

Besides, I've never met a guy with a small penis who wasn't drop-dead gorgeous.  Especially these guys, who aren't ashamed of their smallness, who highlight it, transform it into undeniable hotness.

Here are 10 of the hottest small guys I could find.

1. Beautiful face, tight hard body, and a penis that would fit into the palm of your hand.

2. A twin with the classic face and physique of a Von Gloeden photograph, his limbs akimbo, one hand posed to draw our eye to the small penis of an ancient Greek statue.

3.  This Asian muscleman has his pubic hair carefully trimmed, like a window into a darkened universe, with a single light shining.

4. Radiant smile, slim body glowing with vitality, a dress shirt half off, and two low-hanging balls offset the small uncut penis.

5. Husky, hairy, enveloped in shadow in a rocky wasteland, inviting you to work your way up from his balls.

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6. This bodybuilder has a little sunburn on his chest and arms, which balances the ruddy color of his penis.

7.  This slim guy with the teen-idol cuteness has a nub so small you can't help but stare.  You've never seen one that small before; you want to investigate, to touch, fondle, taste.  Which is what he intended all along.

8. A black chub who is owning his physique, bright light emphasizing his smooth round belly and the erect 4" beneath.

9.  Caught unaware at an event, the twink with the pale, firm body wipes off with a towel, not at all self-conscious about his smallness.

10.  An invitation to bed from a guy who has just toweled off from the shower, his arm out, waiting for your touch.  His 4" is pointing straight right in contrast with his perfectly shaped balls and leg bent at the knee.

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