Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nude Photos of Kurt Russell

Kurt Russell (1951-) is a child star turned fresh-scrubbed Disney Adventure Boy, the subject of my first crush.  In adulthood he played cops, fast-talking con artists, taciturn man-mountain heroes, and finally grizzled old guys.  

We got a nice view of his muscular backside in the buddy-cop movie Tango and Cash (1989).  He's on the left, next to Sylvester Stallone.

But for a frontal, we had to wait until 2007, when the beefy 56-year old was photographed nude in Malibu.

Kurt's man-boobs and belly disturbed many long-term fans who expected him to look the same as he did in 1989.  Or even in 1968, when he starred in The Secret of Boyne Castle.

He doesn't have the same face or physique that he had at age 39.  Or at age 17.  None of us do.  But no matter how much your body changes over time, your penis stays the same.

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