Thursday, July 5, 2018

How to Tie Up Twinks

I have come to the conclusion that almost all guys under age 30 are into bondage.  Maybe not in gay neighborhoods, where S&M masters are readily available, but out here on the Plains, hinting that you might like to tie them up is like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey: they'll follow you anywhere.

Of course, they're nervous.  They've never given up control before.  But they're intrigued -- and enthusiastic.  The sooner you can set up a scene, the better.

Even if you're not into bondage and domination play, a tied up twink is pleasant for "vanilla sex," oral, anal, and interfemoral.

There are 8 steps to a successful BDSM scene.

1. Prepare the Bottom

I prefer my bottoms, also called "subs" or "boys," to be young and thin, but any age and size is fine.

Never suggest a scene for a first date or hookup.

All BDSM play involves dominance and force, so it's important to have a verbal contract in advance.  Agree on which acts will or might occur.  Arrange for a safe word for him to use if he wants an activity to stop.

No, there is no one who is "into everything." He has to specify what he definitely wants to happen, what he is ok with, and what he definitely doesn't want to happen.

2. Set Up the Space

If you don't have a separate room set up as a  dungeon, any room will work.  I use my regular bedroom, but remove the usual paraphernalia, put dark drapes on the windows, black sheets on the bed, and my equipment laid out on the dresser.  Some sinister-looking artwork, gargoyles and such.

Loud music is essential to drown out the other sounds. A classical symphony sounds majestic, or you can go with heavy metal:  I like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Marilyn Manson,

3. Shift from Regular Time to the Scene

After the preliminaries -- the small talk, the drinks, the bathroom break, some kissing and fondling -- the scene begins.

I always tell the bottom that the scene begins when I put on my leather vest, and ends when I take it off.  During that period, neither of us have names.  I will not speak to him except to issue commands, and he is not permitted to say anything except his safe word, "Yes, sir," and "No, sir,"

I then go into the other room, take off my shirt, put on my leather vest, and return.  I order the bottom to strip, kneel, unzip me, and go down on me with his hands behind his back.

Then we're ready for the scene to begin.

4. Immobilization

The bottom must be immobilized, hands over head, hands behind back, or spreadeagle.

Aesthetically, I prefer hands behind back, but spreadeagle, face up, gives you more of the body to work on without shifting positions.

You will be using rope -- handcuffs are a pain --, so practice in advance.  Nothing ruins the scene more than fumbling around.

I prefer that the bottom be gagged and blindfolded also.

Ordinary clothesline works well enough for the arms and legs, but for the cock and balls, you'll need thin rawhide strips.  Shoelaces can substitute in a pinch.

More after the break.

5. Discipline

The main event of the BDSM scene is the discipline, establishing your control over the bottom.  This usually means inflicting pain -- but not much pain, especially for first timers.  You want him submissive, not tortured.

Try spanking, light whipping, or clothespins. You can buy specialized equipment at any adult store, but household goods work just as well.  I use my own belt, a wooden spoon, and a ping pong paddle.

6. Humiliation

Some tops include humiliation in the scene.  I don't.

7. Sex

Many tops find that sex distracts them from orchestrating the scene, but I think orgasms are essential.   I generally mount him orally and then finish with interfemoral

The bottom will EXPECT anal, so if you're not into that, have two dildos, a 6" and a 8", available.

By the time you're finished, the bottom will probably have an orgasm without any manipulation, but if he doesn't, untie one of his hands and force him to do it himself.

8. Return to Regular Time

Untying the bottom is tricky: is the scene still going on, so the top is still in control, or is it regular time, so you are equals?  I prefer to avoid the problem by having the twink untie himself.  Then I take off my leather vest and tell him that the scene is over.

It's important to have a conversation afterwards, to discuss what the bottom liked and didn't like about the scene, and give you ideas for next time.

If you do it right, there will definitely be a next time.

See also: 15 Bondage Boys.


  1. Classical symphony goes great with a horror theme too. Especially in an old Victorian. But not Toccata and Fugue or O Fortuna. Just not clichés.

    Would Gregorian chants work for you? Maybe Kyrie Eleison?

    1. Gregorian chants while having sex would seem a little blasphemous, which might be ok if the scenario was Spanish Inquisition.



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