Monday, June 11, 2018

13 Guys in One Night at Bath House in Cleveland

Cleveland, July 2017

On the way back from New York earlier this week, we stopped in Cleveland.  I wanted to go to the Flex Club, a great gay resort/bath house.  Bob didn't want to go, but he said it was ok if I went by myself.

It's hit and miss.  Sometimes I can wander around the video room, the dark room, the leather room, and the saunas for two hours and get completely ignored by everybody and everything.  Sometimes I'm very popular.

I think of a night at the Flex Club as a success if I meet five guys in two hours.  But the other night, I was with 13!

1. Within a minute of going upstairs to the video room,  I was kissing a red-haired twink with a scrawny body but an enormous Mortadella.

2.That wasn't unusual: I tend to attract twinks.  So I still didn't know if this was going to be a good or bad evening.

A few minutes later, in the dark room, I saw a very handsome, hairy-chested guy in his 30s with someone else, so I joined in.  The second guy left, leaving me with Hairy Chest.  When I got on my knees, I saw that he was wearing lady's panties.  Weird, but a cock is a cock.  About 6".

3-5.  I sat on a bunk in the dark room, and an older black guy approached.  Big cock, one of those giant hernias.  He brought his two friends and "ordered" them to pull it out and let me go down on them.  Nice physiques, big cocks.

6.  A young bear lying on a bunk wanted to kiss and do interfemoral.

7. His friend, a chub in his 40s, joined us.  He went down on me.

8.  I started talking to an older guy in the leather room, and told him I was going to the dark room.  He followed me, but on the way I passed the room of someone I liked better: in his 30s, glasses, smooth chest, enormous penis.  He turned out to be a biology teacher.

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9. A very muscular guy in the sauna wanted me to go down on him, but it was too hot in there, so we went back to the dark room.

By that time I thought I was invincible, so I walked into a private room without any nonverbal signals, and got rejected.

And by a guy in the leather room.

I put on my street clothes, worked out in the gym, and returned to the video room.

10. A thin, long-haired Bohemian type who had a shaved crotch.  Small but very thick penis.  He was a professional translator, specializing in Chinese and Japanese.

11-12. By this time, I had been in the club almost two hours, and the crowd had thinned out.  I went into one of the glory hole booths, and hung my towel on the door to indicate that I was open for business.  Two guys came in with mouths, but I waited for a cock to come through.

The first was very big and uncut, the second very small and not able to get aroused easily.  Finally I left him there.

13. I was tired, but I couldn't resist going with the older guy from before.  He invited me into his room, and let me go down on him before saying "I really want you to top me."

No thanks.  I'm going back to the hotel, where no doubt Bob will want sex five times tonight: #14.

Total activity: oral passive 9, oral active 4, kissing 4, mutual jo 2, interfemoral 1.  Best night at a bath house ever!


  1. The total is 21 acts, but of course there were multiple acts with some guys, so the score is 13. I'm not sure, but one may have been a repeat, where you get with the same guy twice, but don't recognize him the second time.

  2. I'm just surprised there are still gay bathhouses. Maybe it's an under 50 thing, and missing the golden age of gay bathhouses.



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