Monday, August 7, 2017

Gay Life is Happening in Turku

The port city of Turku, Finland straddles the mouth of the Aura River, a two hour drive from Helsinki.  There are 187,000 people.   It is now 2:00 pm in Turku, and everyone is busy.

A blond twink with a 6" cock is taking an aroused photo of himself to send to a friend in Sweden.

Students at the Åbo Akademi University are just finishing class, and on their way to the Bar Suxes on Yliopistonkatu.  It won't be very crowded at this hour, but they will make use of the dark room.

At the Raision Lukio, the high school on Kirkkoväärtinkuj, the soccer team is practicing.  One of the players is out, and another is planning to come out soon.

The Elixia gym near the river is crowded with mid-afternoon weight lifters, some gay, some not.

There's a guy sitting alone in a pew at Turku Cathedral, which dates to the 13th century, Catholic before Finland became Lutheran.  I don't know if he's praying or consulting a guidebook.

A gay guy is dressing for his shift as a barrista at the  CaféArt on Läntinen Rantakatu, where there are tables out by the river in the summer.

The most popular tourist attraction in Turku is the Turku Castle, which dates from the 13th century and became a palace for Swedish nobility during the Renaissance. The museum shop is housed in the old warehouse.

There are several British tourists being led through the old dungeons by a very bored tour guide who can't wait for his shift to end so he can get to his date tonight.

Somewhere in Turku, at this moment, two boys are kissing.

Somewhere in Turku, at this moment, someone is eating a cookie naked.

Gay life is happening in Turku.  And in Tampere.  And in Tulsa.  And in every other city you've ever visited or heard of.

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