Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nude Photos of Don Johnson

You probably know Don Johnson as the irreverent Sonny Crockett on the iconic 1980s buddy cop show Miami Vice (1984-1989), or as irreverent detective Nash Bridges (1996-2001), but in the 1960s and 1970s he was a slim, androgynous icon of the hippie movement, starring in such far-out movies as The Magical Garden of Stanley Sweetheart and The Harrad Experiment.

Plus the stage play Fortune and Men's Eyes (1969), directed by gay icon Sal Mineo, an early play about the gay experience in prison.  

A nude photo has survived from the production, showing most of Don Johnson's physique and a full frontal.

This undated photo is reputedly of Don Johnson also, but the model looks a little too buffed.

See also: Don Johnson and the Gay Community


  1. The last picture is Don Johnson in a movie called "A Boy And His Dog". Life after World War 4.

  2. Don did a lot of interviews with the gay press at around the time of Fortune and Men's Eyes and Stanley Sweetheart. The last picture is from an interview he did with "In Touch" magazine in it's early years, the entire issue is archived at Tim in Vermont's archive. There were several nude photos in that article, none of them frontals. He had something of a reputation for being rather "sexually free" during his brief time at the University of Kansas in Lawrence KS. Back in the late 70's the Kansas Union at KU used to show "Boy and his Dog as a Midnight Movie, and it drew many of his local "fans". It's set in future Topeka, Topeka being the state capital just 25 minutes away. Ah, those were the Days of Wine and Roses, KU and the Memorial Union are so corporate now that it feels more like a Holiday Inn convention center in a suburb. Thanks for this great post!



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