I am sharing a house on 25th Street in Wilton Manors, near Fort Lauderdale, with Yuri and Barney, and working as a fitness trainer at Barney's Gym (CSCS Certification), and English and writing instructor at the Police Academy.  Regular hangouts are the Club Bathhouse and the Filling Station.

Sept: Dating Matt, the security guard who dumps me for an older guy.

Nov: Conference in Atlanta.

Dec: Christmas in Rock Island: my old high school teacher makes the most  homophobic statement  I have ever heard; and Dick, my old bully, is dating the Pizza Boy

Feb: Sharing the Coffee Drinker with Yuri

March The Brazilian Drag QueenParis-Brussels-Amsterdam: Hookup with the West African custodian in Paris

June: Visiting Indianapolis and Garrett. Dad STILL hasn't figured it out;  reuniteed with the  shy boy in the third row.  I start dating Wade the Real Beach Boy.  

July: Yuri tells about his first boyfriend, in the Russian army; a conference in Brisbane, Australia; In Search of Australian Aboriginal Men


I take a job as a visiting professor at Florida Atlantic University.

Sept: Barney gets a new boyfriend, the Giant; later he invites me to share; date with Remy, the Filling Station regular 

October: I meet the Gay Psychic Angel

Nov: Conference in Chicago.

Dec: Date with Jack the Vacuum Cleaner and thYoung Republican from my religion class.  I stay in Florida for Christmas.

March: Susage sighting of the Sikh at Barney's GymVisit to San Francisco: Desperately Seeking Kevin the Vampire; Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam: Janik the Frisian bodybuilder at the Horseman's Club

May: Date with Arjun with the weird pickup line.

June: Back to Rock Island for a visit; my nephew tries to turn a boy gay;  I meet the son of Mr. Blowfish and spend the day with him.

August: Yuri and I share Jim the Baseball PlayerGetting Even with the Bank Teller;  David hooks up with a college boy in an elevator in Montreal;  wpick up a teenage hitchhiker on the way to Key West.


Oct: The guy who turns out to be intersexed at the bathhouse; the straight guy who never figures it out.

Nov: Conference in Denver.

Dec: Christmas in Indianapolis.

Jan: I reunite with mKentucky Kinfolk

Feb: Fixing up the Georgia Boy with a cute young thingVictor and his Sleazoid Daddy Yuri and I share The Florida Cowboy with the Kovbasa+

March: The Worst Date in Florida History Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam in March: Jean the Violinist

April: The surprise in Comic Book Guy's Bedroom

June: the beach boy goes to the Bear Party; I visit Rock Island: Joel's transformation from choir boy to punk rocker Nephew Sausage Sighting #3: A Penis Sock and a Fondle.

July:  A week in San Francisco; visiting Larry in New Mexico: finding Larry's fetish My grandmother's gay connectionCruising in Tucumcari and in the Navajo Nation.

Aug: Jaan from Estonia visits.


Sept: Yuri Steals My Boyfriend; The Bodybuilder Who Never Got Naked

Nov: Conference in Nashville.

Dec: Yuri and I trade hookups; Christmas in Paris.

Jan: The high school bodybuilder

Feb: Hooking up on a job interview

March: Back to L.A. for the Oscar Party.

April: Thannoyingly upbeat Boy Who Cried Fabulous;  The Ugly Guy Makeover

 May: I visit Ocracoke, North Carolina for Alan's Gift from Beyond the Grave

June: Wade the Beach Boy cruises in Hawaii; after a job interview in South Carolina, I reunite with Cousin George and his boyfriend 

July: I escape to the gay haven of Slovakia, where I teach at an alternative high school (looking for beefcake at  the Slovak water park).  Doc and I travel to Germany, Hungary, and the Czech Republic (Bartek the Bathhouse boy in Prague).

Aug: When I return to the U.S., I spent a week in Indianapolis, then move to Dayton

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