Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Top Black Boyfriends and Hookups

I am particularly attracted to guys with darker skin, black, Asian, Hispanic, Mediterranean.

The myth of the extra-large beneath-the-belt gifts has nothing to do with it.

But I do seem to encounter extra large black guys rather often.

Here are my most memorable black boyfriends and hookups.  Let's check on their size.

1. Tyrone, my weight-training partner, who I may or may not have done something with in a car in the Rocky High parking lot. Bratwurst.

2. Julian, the radio station manager at Augustana who was self-conscious about his size.  Bratwurst.

3. Raymond, the Texas hookup who kept saying "if you relax, it won't hurt." Mortadella.

4. Sayid, his friend, who kept turning over on his stomach and saying "Take me! Take me!"  Bratwurst.

5. T, the Thug on my Sausage List, who Alan and I picked up at Jewel's Catch One.  Mortadella+

6. Mario, the feminine guy who changed his sheets every day.  Kielbasa.

7. The first guy that Yuri and I shared, in New York.  He just wanted to kiss.  Average.

8. Blake the Opera Buff , who I dated for a few months before switching to his roommate. Mortadella+

9. Jerry the !Kung, the Bushman I met in South Africa. Small.  But I don't know if Bushmen count as black or not.

10. Sibu, the Hottest Guy in the World, the seminary student I met in South Africa.  I saw him in the dark room of the bar, but he wouldn't invite me up to his place.  Bratwurst.

11. The custodian I hooked up with in France.  Kielbasa.

12. Jerome, the Biggest Guy on My Sausage List, who I met in Boston at a job interview.  Later we visited his uncle in Delaware.  Kovbasa+

13. Tye, the Florida guy I shared with Yuri. Average

14. Azi, the Dutch Afro-Caribbean guy at the Horseman's Club in Amsterdam.  Kovbasa.  But I only actually dated his brother Eli.  Bratwurst.

15. Keaton, the 18-year old friend of the High School Bodybuilder. Bratwurst+.

16. Leronne, the guy I shared with my boyfriend Charlie in Dayton, another guy who was self-conscious about his size.  Average.

17. Justin, who Yuri and his boyfriend hooked me up with in London. Bratwurst.

18, The Rapper in Upstate New York.  Bratwurst.

19. Malik, the small guy whose enormous dog broke the leash and bit me.   Bratwurst.

20. Deonte, the regular at our M4M Parties who insists on wearing a condom for oral.  Mortadella.

So, in my sample of 20 black guys from 3 continents, 25% are small or average, 40% big, and 35% enormous.

Of course, the sample might be skewed.  Maybe I don't remember the smaller guys, or my memory is making them bigger.

Or  it's mostly the bigger guys who are self-confident enough to approach me.

Or, when you date a black guy, you can expect beneath-the-belt gifts.  No problem, as long as that's not the only reason you're interested.

See also; My Sausage List.


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