I am a visiting assistant professor  at the University of Dayton, living in a two-bedroom apartment in Fairborn, Ohio, where Gay people absolutely do not exist.  I drive into Columbus every weekend.

Sept: Date with
 Clintin, who dropped out of Wilberforce University; and Ethan, the boy in the wheel chair (Bondage Boy #13)

Oct: Date with Tony, met through the Chinese food guy Remy the Jerk, the worst date in Ohio history.

Nov: The Huber Heights Horror, the worst hookup in Oho history; conference in Toronto;Thanksgiving in Indianapolis (My relatives never figure it out)

Dec: Rock Island for Christmas.

Feb: My friend with benefits  learns about gay men.

March: How the blind guy handles sausage sightings; Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam. The Dutch Caribbean African guy at the Horseman's Club.

May: Mstudent offers a nude car wash.

June: The secret life of Rod the Pharmacist

July: Conference in South Africa (In search of sex and languages in South Africa);  David from San Francisco visits.


Second year at the University of Dayton. 

Sept: I begin dating Paul, the boyfriend who is too good in bed, and Charlie.

Oct: Charlie's ex, the only guy who has ever criticized my size.

Dec: My two closeted boyfriends turn out to be roommates.  Indianapolis for Christmas: I research my Big, Flashy, Screaming-Queen Cousin

Feb: Lane and I compete in  the Great Trick-Off of 2007

April: Easter at the Bathhouse; at a spiritual retreat, I Sleep with a Catholic priest

June: Visiting Yuri in London, I pick up the South Asian Emo Boy who refuses to leave; in France, I meet Farshad, the French Moroccan on my sausage list.

July: David from San Francisco visits.


Third year at the University of Dayton. I go to we
ekly bear parties with The Bottom Named Rode.

Sept: Date with Ari, the linguist who wouldn't shut up; and the Fireman (Small Sausage #11).

Nov: Conference in Atlanta; The Student Who Had Erotic Daydreams in Class

Dec: Christmas in Indianapolis: I hook up with Jim, one of the youngest mayors in Indiana history.

Jan: While on a job interview, I hook up with a flight attendant.

March: Conference in Boston. Hookup with Harvard Boy #4: Hunter the Historian.

April: Roland, the Math Teacher Bondage Boy Hit on by a high school boy; Sausage sighting of the waiter at the Lone Star (Sausage Sighting #17); and  the Winner of the Biggest Penis Contest.

May: Carlos and his two secrets.

June: To Indianapolis and Kankakee for my niece's wedding: The Catholic Boy's Bulge

August, I move to Upstate New York.


I am teaching at SUNY Cooperstown, with a two-bedroom apartment on a hill near the campus.  I drive into Albany regularly.

Sept: Dates with the Rich Kid and the Crying Truck Driver, and The Rapper and the Grabby Male Nurse.

Oct: Date with The Satyr.  I date Chad, the Satyr's roommate, from October through February.

Nov: Election Day Hookup: The Bathhouse Boy;  Conference in St. Louis (public encounters in the darkroom of a gay bar).

Dec: Back to Indianapolis for Christmas: Nephew Sausage Sighting #5: "Do I Measure Up?"

Feb: Dates with the Klingon and thSword Swallower

March: Date with the Pitcher with the Secret MoveSpring Break in West Hollywood and San Francisco: Rick the Hard Master tells about topping Scott Baio.

April: Dating the Water Delivery Man

May: Dates with the Stonewall Veteran and the Bodybuilder in the Park; I fly to Kansas City for  Matt's Black and White Ball.

June: Picked up by the boy and his dogYuri flies over from London and meets me in Manhattan: Yuri and the Penis Size Contest;  Blake and His Boyfriend: Are All Opera Singers Gigantic?)

July: I drive to Indianapolis via Cleveland.


Second year at SUNY Cooperstown.

Sept: After trying for months, I finally start dating Troy, a SUNY graduate who majored in French (The Satyr sabotages me).

Oct: I take Troy to Montreal for his first video booth.

Nov: Conference in Philadelphia.

Dec: Christmas in Indianapolis, then Northern Indiana to visit crazy fundamentalist relatives.

Jan: New Year's in Paris, followed by visiting Yuri in Minsk.

June: Sausage Sighting of the Crazy Bodybuilder downstairs. 

July: Doc from Vienna visits.  We go to Montreal; I drive to Indianapolis via Cleveland.  

Aug: Troy moves in.


Third year at SUNY Cooperstown.  

Sept: Converting the fundamentalist boy in my intro class.


1. Conference in San Francisco in November: Fangorn tells about his hookup with Allen Ginsberg, and David tells about his hookup with Skyler Stone.
2. Sausage Sighting of My Cousin Graydon, Almost.
3. The Shy Boy Who Wouldn't Leave our Room.
4. Troy's Wild Ride in Hell-fer-Sartain.
5. A week with Yuri in Paris and Amsterdam.
6. Troy and I travel to Indianapolis via Cleveland (Shared Stud #19: Troy wants to try being a top)

The Weirdest Place to Pick Up a Twink


Fourth year at SUNY Cooperstown.  Troy and I hold weekly M4M Parties.

Troy and my friend with benefitsAsian Date #17: Mike at the Bear Party

Nov: Conference in Washington D.C.

Dec: We stay home for Christmas.

Jan: At the RIver Club, become a creepy old guy.

Feb: Job interview in Philadelphia.

March: Finding the Mormon missionary again after 30 years.

July: Indianapolis via Cleveland.  Fred has moved to Indianapolis (I spend the night with Fred's Son);  Back in Upstate New York, Yuri visits.

Aug: I move to Philadelphia.


I have a  temporary job at a small liberal arts college near Philadelphia, and a t
errible studio on 10th and Spruce Street, in the heart of the gay neighborhood of Washington Square West.  

. The transman and his angry inch

Oct: Assaulted by a naked man in the locker room

Nov: Election Night Hookup: Oscar the Irish Bodybuilder; Asian Date #18 (Akamu); Conference in Chicago.

Dec: Horrible flight back to Indianapolis for Christmas.

March: The Surly, Crazy-Eyed Guy with the Mortadella+David visits: The Great Hookup Contest of Philadelphia;  My Textbook Rep is a Porn Star; 

April: Terrible job interview; I pick up a boy and his Daddy at an airport in Montana.

May: I move back to Upstate New York and stay with Troy.

June: Indianapolis for my nephew's wedding (Nephew Sausage Sighting 2: Frank).

August: Troy and I move to the Plains.

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