Castro Street

Fall 1993

I take classes in architecture at UCLA

Stories: Lane tells about his three-way with his boyfriend and his brother;  Matt tells about having sex with the bartender, on his knees behind the bar

Lane and I begin cruising separately:  The Silverlake Stud; our hook up with the Eskimo.

Sick on Thanksgiving.

Back in Rock Island for Christmas, I re-unite with Brother Byron, the Church Treasurer 

Spring 1994

Our Disneyland date with Infinite Chazz; our multiracial four-way; I bring home a teen hustler.

Singer-songwriter Enrique goes home with Will the Bondage Boy

March: C
onference in Atlanta

Summer 1994

Infinite Chazz is dating Kris, a 19-year old ginger boy who helps me get a sausage sighting of Christopher Atkins;  Why Infinite Chazz Broke Up with the Ginger Boy

I am laid off from Gruen Associates.  Lane and I visit Spain, and hook up with Ramon from Barcelona and his roommate.

After a week in Rock Island, I return to West Hollywood and go to work as a job counselor.

Fall 1994

Randall tells about hooking up with three celebrities at once, including Groucho Marx, and we take Marshall the Virgin to his first bear party.

Back in Rock Island for Christmas, I discover that my parents still have a picture of me and a girl.

Spring 1995

 Lane's Boyfriend and Infinite Chazz hit it off; t
he last half of my scary date with the teenage lawnboy

In April, 
I visit Alan and his partner Sandy in Washington DC, and put on a live sex show for them.

Infinite Chazz is dumped by Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Summer 1995

At Gay Pride, Levi tells about his date with a star of "The Dick Van Dyke Show."; and Randall tells about competing with Dick Sargent over a Disney Adventure Boy

My parents are moving to Indiana, so we travel crosscountry to Rock Island to pick up my stuff: The Great Redneck Roundup of 1995: 20 Guys in 20 Days.  One of our hookups is the Nebraska Cornhusker.

In August, Lane and I move to San Francisco.  We get a 2-bedroom apartment off 8th and Judah, in "the Avenues": San Francisco is still gay heaven.

Fall 1995

I get a job as an administrative assistant at McCracken Architects, and study chemistry at San Francisco City College.

The leatherman who never left South of Market

We stay in San Francisco for Christmas.

Spring 1996

David's first sexual experience, at a gas station in Arkansas.

Hookups: the Politician (Fantasy Hookup #3); Drake the bear artist shares his new twink boyfriend; a street hookup with the guy pushing a Shopping Cart Up Castro Street

Drake introduces me to Corbin, the gym rat with the Mortadella+  We become gym buddies.

Back to L.A. for the Oscar Party. Lane decides to stay.

Summer 1996

Lane and I search for the Best Gay Neighborhood  in America.

I visit Indianapolis, then Norfolk, Virginia to visit Alan. Tarik takes me to North Carolina.

I move into my own apartment, a third-floor walkup on 14th, about a mile from the Castro Street Station  I get a part-time job at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, where I meet David. We will be best friends for the next year: David picks up The Bible Boy of Castro StreetCorbin, David, and I hook up with Brad Pitt.

Fall 1996

I take classes in sociology, history, and chemistry at San Francisco State University, and apply to Ph.D. programs.

Hookups: David hooks up with the homeless kid I pick up a sales clerk in the restroom at Macy'sI share the slave boy of Castro Street; ; election day hookup with the City Councilman.

In October, my
 date with the vampire.  Kevin and I date for the next 10 months.4. Five Three-Ways with Kevin the Vampire.

Stories: Drake tells about his hookup with Tony CurtisKevin tells about his date with Satanwhile street cruising, Corbin picks up the Edwardian with the Footlong and the Fetishes

I stay in San Francisco for Christmas; 
David and I share Santa Claus.

Spring 1997

Hookups: I go home with the Amazing Invisible Boy David meets Karol, who pulls it out; my Hookup with the Martian;  A Quiet Night in Gay Heaven

Trip to L.A. for the Oscar Party

Matt, Fred's ex, starts renting himself out.

Kevin insists that I stay in San Francisco, so I 
apply to teach at an Orthodox Jewish high school and take classes at San Francisco State: On My Knees in My Teaching Assistant's Office: Kevin the Vampire begins dating my teaching assistant, Seth.

Summer 1997

A week in West Hollywood (Jester, the Blind Boy with the Footlong.

Lane and I visit Paris, Amsterdam, and Lithuania.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival with David. I wake up to a straight boy in my bed.  

In August, I m
ove to New York: Trapped in a dorm with kids, I meet Jesse the 17-year old freshman.  We go on my most embarrassing date, with the most insulting ending.

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