Top Stories

1. My hookup with Superman

2. My Platonic Friends and Their Boy Toy
3. Troy and I hookup with the museum guard.
4. I may or may not have hooked up with my ex-boyfriend's grandson

5. My date with my Mentally disabled neighbor
6. I have a terrible date with Ricky with a Y.
7. A day of beefcake, bonding, and sausage sightings.
8. A Glimpse of Supreme Beauty at a Rest Stop
9. Justin, the Shy Supersized Guy at the Gym
10. My Friday the 13th Date with Kevin the Vampire

Fall 2013

Hookups: the straight boy's first time.

Conference in San Francisco in November.  Then, back in Indianapolis for Christmas, I save  the church organist

Spring 2014

I visit Milwaukee in January ( My hookup with Superman), Minnesota in March ( Nguyen the Gym Rat), and go to a film festival (Sausage Sighting of The Projectionist).  

Looking for bears in the straight world.

 Aftr visiting My Platonic Friends and Their Boy Toy,   I date Jimmy the Boy Toy for the next couple of months.  I tell him about my Date with a Star of "Wizards of Waverly Place", and he tells me about his Date with a Star of "Teen Wolf."

Summer 2014

Yuri and Eli from Amsterdam visit.  I try to fix Yuri up with three Muscle Daddies.

A jogging date with a teenager from Somalia.

A week in Indianapolis and a week in San Francisco.  David is cruised by a kid.

Back on the Plains, Jimmy the Boy Toy organizes a Sunday Morning Orgy, and at a pow wow in South Dakota, I hook up with a Dakota boy, sort of.

Fall 2014

I become Jameer's Boy Toy and have my weirdest paranormal experience: The Truck Driver who may have been my Dad's old navy buddy.

Conference in Washington, November.

I stay home for Christmas.

Spring 2015

Hookups and dates: The youngest guy I've ever dated A boy with daddy issues wants to tear my clothes off; the teenager at the Bear Party; with the waiter at a fundamentalist Christian pizza restaurant.

Finding the Mormon missionary again after thirty years.

Sausage sighting of the professor of physics.

Summer 2015

I visit Yuri in London, then visit Paris and Amsterdam: Shawn tells about his three-way with his best friend and his uncleLudek, the bath house bait and switch; Farshad tells about his hookup with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Troy and I drive to Rock Island, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cleveland: we hookup with the museum guardThe boy who had never been kissed.

Fall 2015

I fly to Salt Lake City for my ex-boyfriend's wedding, and may or may not have hooked up with his grandson.

Back on the Plains, A student drops my class so we can date; I have a terrible date with Ricky with a Y; and I discover that My boyfriend Bill has grown up.

 I become friends with Gabe, the twink who wasn't interested; we have a Hookup Contest, and go out with his date, Bastian.

November: t
hree guys in my bed in Baltimore.

Trip to Rock Island in December.

Spring 2016

I start dating Dustin, the son of my host at a heterosexual party.   We go to the movies, where he tells me what he likes about older guys.

Dates: Eli from the swim team, who was in my class last semester; the Adonis at a gay-friendly coffee house; hookup with just a picture of his penis;  the Trophy Boy and his Dad; and  A hookup with a hobbit.

Spring Break in Mexico.

Sausage sightings: The college boy at the school gym; a day of beefcake, bonding, and sausage sightings.

In May, I drive to New York via Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Rock Island (A Good Old-fashioned Trick and A Glimpse of Supreme Beauty at a Rest Stop); plus I hear the story of the  boy with a crush on my Dad.

Summer 2016

 A week of hookups and dates with Daddies and Bears; meeting six guys during Freshman Orientation; the 4th of July in the Straight World: Fireworks, Cruising, and Searching for AmericaA precognitive dream about a Boy with a Bratwurst; I track down the boy from my first three way.

Visiting Dustin in Minneapolis: Museums, Sharing, and a Surprise Sex Club

Busy August: my date with the teenage boy and his Mom;  The boy selling pickles at the farmer's market; I am cruised by my Mentally Disabled Neighbor, and Our Date; and sometimes Cuddling just means Cuddling

On the way back from Indianapolis, I get with Every Guy at a Bath House in Western Illinois.

Fall 2016

Hookups: the boy who liked Grandpas; Three unscreened hookups on the same night; A Hookup with the Nephew of my First Time

To Indianapolis for a funeral: finding small town gay men on GrindrI pick up a track star in small town Illinois; cruising my cousin's son at a funeral; and Is My Nephew Gay?

Ryan H.'s three way with a silver fox and a boy band member.

 I visit Yuri in Iceland (Bjorn's Hookup with his High School Teacher and Tricking with Yuri's Student in Iceland)

November: The Boy at the Urinal with the Kovbasa++++; Three Terrible, Horrible Days of Cruising in Chicago; Justin, the Shy Supersized Guy at the Gym.

December: My Christmas date with Ryan H., the college track star from small-town Illinois;in Indianapolis, Tyler and I are cruised by the waiter in a crazy retro restaurant.  On New Year's Eve, we all go to a New Year's Eve Sex Party.

Spring 2017

January hookups: Topped by a swishy twink; Wagner's Top Turn-On; The Smiling Boy at the Gym; my Friday the 13th Date with Kevin the Vampire; and the only gay guy at a straight party.

February: Bruce travels forward in time to bring me guys; Searching for beefcake on the Plains; cruising in the straight bar; and a homeless teenager invites me home.

March: A student drops my class so we can date; our date (The Best Date in Plains History); picking up the grocery store clerk; what happened on my date with the grocery boy.

April: A hookup from hell, and a Sausage Sighting of a father, son, and grandson.

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