I am teaching at Plains State University.  I have a 2 bedroom apartment a few blocks from the gay-friendly coffee house.


1. My Platonic Friends and Their Boy Toy,   
2. Jimmy the Boy Toy's Sunday Morning Orgy.
3. A jogging date with a teenager from Somalia.


1. The straight boy's first time.
2.  I hook up with a Dakota boy, sort of.

1. Conference in New York.
2. Indianapolis: I save  the church organist
3. Milwaukee:  My hookup with Superman
4.  Nguyen the Gym Rat.
5. Film festival: Sausage Sighting of The Projectionist.
6. A week in Indianapolis, Cleveland, and Upstate, and a week in San Francisco:  David is cruised by a kid.

1. Yuri and Eli from Amsterdam visit.  I try to fix Yuri up with three Muscle Daddies.



1. I become Jameer's Boy Toy.
2.  The youngest guy I've ever dated
3.  A boy with daddy issues wants to tear my clothes off.


1. The Truck Driver who may have been my Dad's old navy buddy.
2. A teenager comes to the Bear Party;
3. The waiter at a fundamentalist Christian pizza restaurant.
4. The boy who had never been kissed.

1. Conference in Washington, DC
2. Finding the Mormon missionary again after thirty years.
3. I visit Yuri in London: Shawn tells about his three-way with his best friend and his uncle.
4. Paris: Ludek, the bath house bait and switch; Farshad tells about his hookup with Leonardo DiCaprio.
4. Troy and I drive to Rock Island, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Cleveland: we hookup with the museum guard.



1.  A student drops my class so we can date
2. A terrible date with Ricky with a Y
3. Gabe, the twink who wasn't interested 
4. I pick up the son of my host at a heterosexual party.   5. What Dustin likes about older guys.
6.  Eli from the swim team,
7. My date with the teenage boy and his Mom
8.  Cruised by my Mentally Disabled Neighbor, and Our Date


1. The Hookup Contest; Gabe's date, Bastian.
2. The Adonis at a gay-friendly coffee house.
3. The hookup with just a picture of his penis
4. The Trophy Boy and his Dad.
5.  A hookup with a hobbit.
6. A week of hookups with Daddies and Bears
7. The boy selling pickles at the farmer's market
8. Sometimes Cuddling just means Cuddling


1. Salt Lake City for my ex-boyfriend's wedding, and may or may not have hooked up with his grandson.  
2. Three guys in my bed in Baltimore.
3. My boyfriend Bill has grown up I be
4. Trip to Rock Island in December, but not for Christmas.
5. Spring Break in Mexico.
6. Rock Island (A Good Old-fashioned Trick)
7. A Glimpse of Supreme Beauty at a Rest Stop)
8. I hear the story of the  boy with a crush on my Dad.
9. Visiting Dustin in Minneapolis: Museums, Sharing, and a Surprise Sex Club
10. I get with Every Guy at a Bath House in Western Illinois.

Sausage Sightings/Beefcake:

1.  The college boy at the school gym.
2. A beefcake, bonding, and sausage sightings.
3. Meeting six guys during Freshman Orientation.
4. Fireworks, Cruising, and Searching for America


1, A precognitive dream about a Boy with a Bratwurst
2. I track down the boy from my first three way.



1. Justin, the Shy Supersized Guy at the Gym.
2. Wagner's Top Turn-On
4. My Friday the 13th Date with Kevin the Vampire
5. The only gay guy at a straight party.
8. Picking up the grocery store clerk
10. Hooking up with brothers at the dentist's office.

1. The boy who liked Grandpas
2. Three unscreened hookups on the same night;
3. A Hookup with the Nephew of my First Time
4. Topped by a swishy twink
5. A hookup from hell
6. A  hookup with the bodybuilder that goes wrong,
7.  A Hookup in the college restroom
8.  tracking down the glory hole boy
9. I Hook Up with a 48 Year Old!

1. Finding small town gay men on Grindr
2. I pick up a track star in small town Illinois
3. Cruising my cousin's son at a funeral
4.  Is My Nephew Gay?
5. Bjorn's Hookup with his High School Teacher
6. Tricking with Yuri's Student in Iceland
7. Three Terrible, Horrible Days of Cruising in Chicago;
8. My Christmas date with Ryan H., the college track star
9. Tyler and I are cruised by the waiter in a crazy retro restaurant. 
10. The New Year's Eve Sex Party.
11. David visits me in Indianapolis, and mets his goal of 5,000 Hookups
12. Lane on the Plains

13. Yuri and I have The Best Day in Amsterdam 
14. Bob Hooks Up with Five Guys at the Lake HouseMy Version of the Events
15. In Rock Island, Bob Hooks Me Up with the Wrong Guy
16. Nude Wrestling in Fond du Lac
17. In Rock Island, The Most Disgusting Hookup of All Time
18. A Gay Connection at a Gas Station in Rural Illinois
19. 13 Guys in One Night in Cleveland.

Sausage Sightings/Beefcake:
1. The Boy at the Urinal with the Kovbasa++++;  
2. Searching for beefcake on the Plains
3. Cruising in the straight bar
4. A Sausage Sighting of a father, son, and grandson.
5. Random Summer Beefcake on the Plains
6. I go to Twin Cities Pride in Minneapolis: Gay Pride has changed.

1. Bruce travels forward in time to bring me guys.
2. A homeless teenager invites me home.


1. A Twink Parade at the Gym
2. Five Craigslist Hookups in One Day
3. Searching for Twinks on the Plains
4. Making Friends with Sex
5. The 12 Cute Guys of Summer

1. Three Twinks and a Bear on the Same Night
2. An Interview with the Most Attractive Man in the World
3. Jerzy Has 24 Hours to Pick Up a Twink

1. The Death of Pup Danny
2. Five Hookups in One Day, Plus the Roommate

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