Bears and Bondage

Bears and Daddies
Bondage Boys
Country Boys, Farm Boys, and Rednecks
Dream Boys in Pain
Fantasy Kidnapping

Cities and Gay Neighborhoods

Castro Street, San Francisco
Dayton, Ohio
East Village, New York
Houston, Texas
Plains, South Dakota
Small Town Gay Men
West Hollywood
Wilton Manors, Florida

Cruising and Dating

Cruising Straight Guys
Gay Dating
Blond Beach Boys
Dates from Hell
Dating an Introvert
Disabled Dates and Handicapped Hookups
Election Night Hookups
Fantasy Hookups
My 16 Boyfriends
Paranormal and Supernatural Beings
Guys Who Got Away
Most Beautiful Men in the World
Restaurant Hookups
10 Things You Should Know about Dating Bodybuilders
Top 10 Turn-Offs

Ethnic Groups and Languages

6000 Ways to Say Penis
Asian Guys
Black Guys
Ethnic Groups on My Bucket List
Clue in Hawaiian Pidgin
Hispanic Hunks
Yiddish Words for "Penis"

Friends and Sharing

My Ex-Boyfriend Fred's Nine Lovers
The Pentecostal Porn Star's Top 20 Scene
Shared Studs
Why You Should Have an Open Relationship


Best, Worst, and Most Erotic Christmases
Best, Worst, and Most Erotic Summers
Worst and Most Erotic Valentine's Days
Christmas Boyfriends
Do Seasons Affect Your Dating Success?
Spring Break Boys


Priests, Preachers, and Monks
When Your Boyfriend's Religious Brainwashing Kicks In

Sausages and Sausage Sightigs

Classroom Bulges
Sausage List
Sausage Sighting List
Smallest Guys on My Sausage List
Fondlings, Gropes, and Grabs
Hottest Small Guys
Ugliest Well-Hung Guys
Yuri's Sausage List


Harvard Boys
High School
Indiana University
Teachers and Professors


Bathhouse Boys
Cut or Uncut?
Guys in Sweatpants
How Intimate is Your Sex Life?
How is a Pizza Like a Penis?
How Many Sex Partners Should You Have?
The Joy of Watching
The "Late for Class" Dream and Oral Sex 101
The Most Underrated Sex Act
My Favorite Sexual Acts
Oral Sex
Public Hookups
That Bathhouse in West Hollywood
Top or Bottom?
The Top 10 Bathhouses
What Not to Say During Sex
Why You Should Go to a Bathhouse

Other Articles

10,000 Naked Men 1: Asian to Hung
10.000 Naked Men 2: Kilts to Pairs
Airport Searches
Baseball Butts
Body Shaming, Bullying, and Just Being Mean
Dads and their Adult Sons
Dating an Amputee
Did Swim Teams Once Compete Naked?
Edmund Teske's Nude Men
Finding Your Fetish
Friends that You Haven't Seen Naked
Gay Life in Turku
GBTQQIA and Everybody Else
Guys Wearing Clothes
How Much Does Astrology Know About Your Sex Life?
Joy of Pecs
Joy of Abs
Best Stories
Navy Pre-Flight Training School Beefcake
Nude Photos of Arab Men
Physique Watching
Reader Suggestions
Tijuana Bibles
Tree Trunk Penises
The Which Would You Choose Game
Which Penis Will You Choose?
Which Story Actually Happened?
How to Host a West Hollywood Party


  1. For non USA readers a glossary would be of great help to enjoying even more your intresting blog.Thanks

  2. Of Academic terms to Follow better your rich writting!!

  3. Do you have any info or hookup stories about actors John Stockwell and/or Keith Gordon? Both were 1980's icons.

    1. I haven't heard anything, but I can ask around.



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